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    Just got back from Primavera - the Wire gig was awesome and the audience was wild. Their sound was massive (though a bit problematic from where I was standing, middle of first row). I had a very huge silly grin plastered to my face throughout the gig (and for a long time afterwards, as well).

    The Neu! and Fall gigs were excellent as well - those three were certainly the best in the festival.
    Here is the "unplugged" video.
    Wonderful... nice one lads. Scintillating indeed... 25 years on from the original, the words red bull are now somewhat tempered by the image of a certain overly caffeineated, heavily sugared pupil popping heart hammering tinned beverage...

    Seriously though... that was a treat.
    ...or their logo festooned across the side of a Formula 1 car. Revolting stuff, though I do like the way the company's owner spends all his money on expensive toys!
    I was on my way to another site on the festival when I accidentally passed the acoustic tent and saw Wire had an acoustic set at 20:00, just in time for me to grab a really good seat. As to the Red Bull reference, the acoustic tent was, of course, the RayBan acoustic tent...
    Blimey. They've turned into The Spinners! ; )