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    Lots of good post-punk, krautrock, punk and more...about 200 bands for £28 a day, and it's connected by Tube to London!
    Liquid Liquid !! Now there's a band I would dearly love to see. The band that Grandmaster Flash ripped off that iconic bassline from for his song White Lines...
    seen them on the 29. May at the Primavera Sound. was fun. fantastic bass player.
    Saw them at Primavera as well - cool, fun and funky.
    Some of you might enjoy Factory Floor. They have a bit of Throbbing Gristle thing going on, relentless beats complete with Cosi-style atonal guitar scraping.

    Shit and Shine I really like their last record, it's really quite extreme and very very loud. Not seen them live but I believe they have four drummers...yeah!

    Could I bear to stand in a field with a load of painfully hip Hoxton trendies though? Nope.

    Bit far for me though it would have been a good exuse to dress up. I'd look lovely in that pink number! ; )

    Thought the latest Cluster album was interesting. I reviewed it here if anyone wants a quick look...