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    Oh, it IS, isn't it. Or at least, there's a similarity there, like Dot Dash and 23 Years Late.
    Alright, I used mp3splitter to, first, combine all four files, then split them into twenty tracks. There are a few glitches on some of the splits, but I couldn't get rid of them unless I did a bunch of conversions that would end up compromising the sound overall. Two chunks, tracks 1–10 and 11–20.
    The connection seems closer. It may be like how "I Don't Understand" evolved out of "Ally In Exile", albeit without the intermediate live versions.

    But on the other hand, there is that other song that is rhythmically quite close to "A Question Of Degree", but ultimately quite distinct.

    Still listening. "Spent" really was spectacular, wasn't it? The version of "German Shepherds" is also exceptional.
    J.M.H.>>>The Question of Degree riff, I think, was announced as a song called More of the best of the night for me. Quite simply stunning.
    Matt Simms did OK.
    Looks like he should be in the Lemonheads though.
    Fergus says
    If you were there ten years ago you would have heard it, complete with Ted Milton on sax.

    And Ted Milton was in the audience last night funnily enough!

    It was a really great gig, really glad I came down for this one. Great venue and sound was as clear as a bell. Wasn't rammed but at least that meant you got a good view and everyone seemed to be really getting into it.
    It'll be really interesting to see how these new songs take shape for the new record and I'm glad there are some 'new' oldies in the set as well.
    I'm impressed with Matt, he filled out the sound really well and wasn't afraid to let rip and add his own bits I thought.

    Thanks to Uri and Cartoonist for supplying the documentary evidence .

    Here's a question. Is there a song that's been played at every Wire gig since 2000? Pink Flag maybe?
    I'd guess the only gig that didn't feature Pink Flag was the 'Dip Flash' Barbican set - which was just one song. It even got played at the Gareth Willams tribute gig (3 songs - Art of Stopping, 99.9, PF)
    Firstly, thanks for your kind comments on the Garage show! We've been evolving the set over the past 8 gigs (since we started with Matt) so a few things have come and gone. There will be other new songs which we bring in when we get into the next run of live work (although the main thrust now is to get the album finished) and we'll continue to hopefully surprise with new/old revivals.. I'd also like to say a few words on the organisation of that show, not in regard to the Garage who were their usual highly professional selves, but from whoever was responsible for putting this show on. There was NO publicity at all for this show, not even a Time Out listing (the minimum for any London show) so that audience basically consisted of people who read this website & our friends... Wire certainly can get a much bigger audience in London and certainly will next time we play what remains a very important city for us.
    Yes, but don't go playing venues that are TOO big - how fussy am I/are we? Surprises? Nice! And come back (to gigging) very soon!!! Please!
    I do tend to enjoy not quite sold out shows a lot more though. Most places cram far too many people in, seems to have got worse in recent years. Anyway very much looking forward to the album, i'm kind of hoping there is a bit more of the band playing in a room on this one. I do love Object but miss some of the more live sounding stuff. Having said that my Wire 80's obsession is getting out of control. I'm really hoping for some Mute re-releases! Any chance Colin?
    Are the 80s albums really that hard to find? The First Letter and Manscape were hard for me, but TIC & ABIAC were both picked up in Fopp (TIC for £3!), and IBTABA was only £4 or so on amazon, where there was something like 90 copies for sale.
    By the way, there's also a rather good article about the gig on the Quietus:
    I must say that they are quite in tune with Wire - if not their audience. They comment on the humour of Wire, but just assume that the audience (US!) are just a bunch of Luddites only there to heckle! I don't think I've felt that 'togetherness' (due to the fact that the audience [as Colin has mentioned above] was just virtually people from this forum & we 'got' the jokes, partic "sex in a church") with the band on stage since back in the early punk days!

    Also, I dunno where they get "snarl & bluster' with respect to O47! To my ears it's the poppiest & most radio friendly lp they've ever released!

    Apart from those 2 minor gripes, I thought it was a nice piece - they usually are well balanced & informative on that site.
    Maybe it'sjust me but I found some of that review to be almost laughably pompous.
    "Snarl and bluster".... you wha ?? Does not compute. They must surely be thinking of Send...

    One of the comments ("Wire need to retire") at the end of the review begs a certain question - why were you there ?

    New material sounding very promising. Certainly whets the appetite for the new LP (sorry, new album - though technically the initials LP are correct in relation to albums of whatever format as they stand for Long Player..) Especially Up From Above - really taken with that one. I like the way Rob uses just kick and hats initially, then comes in a bit later with snare to really galvanise things, then pares back toward the end (calls to mind his 80s approach live when he just used kick, hats and snare only). Very effective. There's a lot to be said for a good beginning middle and end...

    Interesting to compare Wire's last appearance at The Garage with last Tuesday's. Unsupported, honed and magnified is how the flyer in 2000 had it, if I remember rightly. As far as I can remember (others can correct me on this, and I only speak for the first night), but there was no onstage banter. A great set of course (which included Drill), but not relaxed on stage, unlike recent days, which feel much more relaxed and open. I decided to fish out my recording of the June '86 gig at The Clarendon in Hammersmith, mainly to compare the early version of Kidney Bingos with last Tuesday's (very different), and, excluding song titles, there's no banter there either. Hecklers alright (plenty of 'em !), but (fittingly) no response. Wire seem much more comfortable with themselves these days, less 'oppositional' I suppose, whilst still managing to bring the house down...

    Roadkill and potatoes, eh ? Fans of a certain age will remember an ad for instant packet mash potatoes featuring aliens saying "For mash get Smash". Aliens on board ! I'm inclined to think of a different food in relation to roadkill. I cycled past a squashed rabbit last week that was so utterly obliterated it looked like a hairy pizza.
    You can hear the restless man shouting 'gerronwivvit' on Uri's bootleg, and no Wire gig is complete without someone repeatedly shouting in vain for Outdoor Miner although generally I thought the crowd were pretty respectful of the new stuff and I didn't notice anyone trying to re-enact the punk wars. I noticed one chap in raptures singing along to the new songs like they were old classics.

    It was me wot shouted about the 'sex in church' thing (I was somewhat refreshed!). A fella near us was trying to tell the band they should stop playing gigs in Europe and play more in the UK (god knows what his point was). Graham asked him to repeat but couldn't hear so I suggested he'd said he wanted to have sex in a church. Felt a bit embarrassed when it was pointed out Uri was taping the show but it got a laugh from the band anyway.
    swimhq says "I'd also like to say a few words on the organisation of that show, not in regard to the Garage who were their usual highly professional selves, but from whoever was responsible for putting this show on".

    At 7pm I crossed the road (from the pub) to check on stage times and was told by security " The Wire are on at 9 til 10.30".
    Even the touts were asking " tickets for The Wire ".

    Lucky it wasn't a The The gig then !!
    Hey, we were in the same pub then and must have crossed the road at approximately the same time!
    I think there were quite a few from here in The Cock!
    I was there for a bit, certianly.
    They did seem incredibly at ease, and comparing Tuesday's Colin Newman with the one you sometimes see interviewed, they could almost be two different people. My thought on it was that they're playing to a converted crowd, who by and large respected the new material - maybe they felt that they had nothing to prove?