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    Thanks to Uri for providing the mp3s.

    Wow! Wished we could have been there. Not that the last show they played in Atlanta wasn't great , just that with Wire it's always nice to be surprised with new material before a release. And unlike the 80's gigs I saw (in London) the back catalog (which now includes the 80's stuff and not just '12xu' and all) is fair game.

    So it was also fantastic to hear (really great) versions of 'Drill', 'Kidney Bingos' and 'German Shepherds' alongside (what has become for me) quite standard (at least in the live sets these days) early Wire tracks, such as '12xu', 'Pink Flag', 'Lowdown'. Not to say that these aren't great live but they're in danger of becoming 'crowd-pleaser tracks' (which isn't very Wire-like! :P )

    Nice to hear '2 people' get an outing too.

    Am hoping that the 'Rob Smiling' tour will continue and that Wire will be coming back to the US (and specifically Atlanta) sometime soon. :)
    I take your point about 12XU & Pink Flag, but it's not as though they're just going through the motions when they play them. They work on them & extend them & they seem different each time they play them. The high intensity of Tuesday's Pink Flag, in particular, proves that point.
    I'd say you have a point with 'Pink Flag', which appears to be ever-evolving (like 'Drill' in the 80's) but I wouldn't mind not hearing '12xu' for a while. Maybe they could switch it with 'Mr Suit' and still keep the old punks happy ;P

    But really, that's a minor gripe... judging by the Garage set the fellas are on top form. :)
    The set on Tuesday was - in my opinion - the 'perfect set'. Lots of new material, 80's Wire, 70's Wire, Pop, 'Punk' - what more can you expect? And everything they played was … just good, really good, incredibly good - the sound was pure Wire. In fact I think it was the best Wire gig I've seen since Flag:Burning. Honestly.
    Nicely put Cartoonist, the balance of the set works really well, I keep humming ' Please Take ' without realising.. Can't wait for the next instalment of 4.2
    It's nice to see wire going back to developing songs 'on the road' as it were before releasing them. I always felt that was an important part of the process for them that's been hard to duplicate with the stop-start nature of the last decade's wire.

    Thanx for the music Uri.
    I have now seen Wire play live in five separate decades (christ, I'm old!) and the Garage gig added to that lovely feeling that warms your heart when you know your favourite band of all time (for it is they) are still knocking out stuff that makes your stomach butterflies burst with excitement and your nerve ends call for a nurse! I was lucky enough to pogo right at the front throughout the gig (not bad for a 51yo) so sorry people behind me if you couldn't see proper. Right next to me was a man in a wheelchair who had loved them since Send/RAB and a young boy of 18 years called George who has, he says, "everything they have done that I can get my hands on" all of that thanks to his Dad playing him 154! This is why Wire are so essential right now. Their music, both live and on vinyl/CD/digital/DVD, defines the times we are living through, strange, fragile, ..wait a mo where I have heard those titles? The Garage gig was one of the best Wire gigs I have ever been to, the camaraderie of the audience was fantastic and the band played with gusto even when it showed they were not quite tight or seven ure of which song was next. It didn't matter. The audience banter was warm and stupidly funny at times. The "sex in the church" gag continued through the gig and the "request for "former airline" got a "no chance!" from Colin. The new songs, like "Up From Above" like Fergus said before on here, sound intriguing and bode well for another great stab at a beat combo success like Object 147. Ok that's it. I'm off to join the thread about why people shouldn't shun/ignore the 80's Wire work!!! Or even the early 90's stuff!
    You, sir, are ridiculously lucky. I tip my hat to you.
    jhm - splash isnae the only old git on here! Tho' i personally can't quite match splash as a) i missed seeing Wire in the 90's & b) i've not hit 51 (just) yet!!

    (and being the pedant that i am, 2010 is the last year of the so called 'noughties'. A new decade begins on 1/1/11!)
    I tip my hat to you, too, sir, but if I continue this proverbial headdress may soon find itself quite far from my head!
    The gig is reviewed in this months Mojo.
    bet I'm the oldest...............