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    Have visited the myspace page quite a few times, but still no news of any sort of release. Anything on the way in the near future Graham, anyone?
    I've quite enjoyed what they've put up on MySpace and, like you, look forward to something I can "own".
    Well there is the "Oh How To Do Know/Show Me How" 7" that came out on Brainwashed Recordings ( a ways back, but I agree, I want more too!
    Thanks Creaig, that one managed to get past me somehow. I've just ordered a copy - and noticed whilst doing so that the information states that there should have been a debut full-length release last year (2007).

    So hopefully it's just a bit late and is still on its way - eh Graham?
    Shame he didn't save this track for Wire, it sounds like a sort of 21st Century update of the mid-80s version of Wire and perhaps would fit nicely on Object 47.
    Well, it's a cover version, and Wire doesn't seem to do cover versions on albums.
    In October of 2007, Thomas Öberg and his partner Linda, delivered their first child, Edvin Florian Medvin...
    Thomas' duties as a father have contributed to rescheduling 27#11's itinerary, as have Wire's return to action and the recent re-approachment, of Thomas' important Swedish band Bob Hund, who are in the studio right now!
    Despite all of these good and valid excuses!! We're endeavoring to complete 27#11's debut album by the end of the year...
    there's no shortage of material just a shortage of precious time...please be patient!
    Thanks Graham, it's great news to know that an album is still in the offing - something else to look forward to, which I very much am.
    My orange vinyl "Oh How To Do Know/Show Me How" 7" single arrived in the post today. It's got to be the thickest chunk of vinyl I've ever had my hands on - lovely and weighty. :)
    Let me be provocative and assert that Graham's 27#11 project is the most innovative and therefore most interesting
    entity in the whole wide world of Wire at the moment. What's weirder... the orange 7" or Object 47?
    I just ordered the 7" from Brainwashed (thanks, Creaig, for the link), and started to sniff around for other releases from over the years that I may have missed.

    Having worked at MIT for 8 years and having a love/hate relationship with the Institute, I am naturally curious what "I Saved M.I.T. (Yes I Did)" from the Decay compilation is all about. Mercifully I found a copy on Amazon for $6, and it is on its way, but general searches for info about this track reveal precious little.

    Anyone have any insight/info? Even Kent Lundberg's Lewis site - hosted by MIT! - has nothing about it, though it hasn't been updated in years.

    Or, does it have nothing to do with the brainy Massachusetts university at all?

    Either way, new (to me) Lewis material is exciting enough on its own, just curious.
    My copy arrived today and as Madman says it,s a heavy bit of plastic!!
    "I am naturally curious what "I Saved M.I.T. (Yes I Did)" from the Decay compilation is all about. Mercifully I found a copy on Amazon for $6" - 7jlong, could you maybe post some more info on this, please? Haven`t heard of the "decay" comp. before.
    Sure, but first off let me say that the Amazon Marketplace vendor who had it up for $6 sent me a cancel notice with no explanation. I suspect that the orders department noticed that it should have been posted at a higher value and will now either put it in one of their stores or post it somewhere else. I won't smear their name here, but suffice to say that anyone in Boston will know what I mean when I say that the experience was most decidedly not a 'wicked good time'.

    At any rate, I don't really know much yet. I was sifting through some of the online discographies (go to Read on this site, then scroll down to Wire on the Web for some good links) and noticed a few items that I thought might be fun to track down. The MIT bit had to be followed up on, so that was my first must-have. There's others, but at higher price tags or of suspicious content... I like a lot of the more Dome-ish leanings that Lewis and Gilbert work through on some of these compilations, but enough to plunk down a considerable wad of cash for one track? Hmm.

    There is very little info about Decay online, hence my question here. Ordered another copy from another vendor, so we'll see when it arrives. It is listed as a trip-hop/ambient collection and I don't know any of the other artists, so who knows. There is a full track listing on Amazon, so perhaps someone else can interpret it.

    Really, though, I know about as much as you at this point!

    Anyone own this already?

    (By the way, there were 3 copies on Amazon when I placed my new order for it yesterday, now down to one. Act fast if you want it!)
    Oh, wow - just got the 27#11 7" from Brainwashed. It is truly a beautiful/remarkable object, and just as heavy and wonderful as everyone has remarked so far.

    Guess it's time to pull the turntable out - don't scoff, you vinyl folks - I'd love to have it out all the time, but I live on the 3rd floor in a creaky old building. If a mouse skitters across the floor the needle jumps. But I'll set it up just long enough to pass these two tracks over to digital and then pack it all back up again.

    No sign of the Decay compilation yet, unfortunately.
    The Decay compilation was published by Touch in 1997, but appears to be deleted as it is not listed on their site. It was a selection of European electronic based work. I'll have to do dig it out when I get home this evening to check who else was on it. Touch did two other compilations, one of Japanese work, called Earth, and a US one whose name escapes me now. All appear to have been deleted. Happy to swap a burn of the Decay compilation with anyone who is having trouble sourcing it. Mail me at
    Ah! Thanks, Fergus, for the tip that it was on Touch - a little digging also revealed this page as well. Looking forward to receiving it!