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    let's find out:
    The Discovery Channel, luminaries of Planet Earth, Life, and Blue Planet (in cooperation with the B.B.C)
    Want Palin (wait for it) to 'host a show on Alaska's wild-life'!! !
    My favorite cell phone carrier has a petition to urge them not to do this, 80,000 signatures so far,
    join with me and sign the petition here.

    http://act.credoact /palin_discovery 2/?rc=palin_ _hl_palin1
    not that i give a monkey's either way, but what have you/them got against Michael Palin?
    har hearty har har. ahem.
    did i say somat funny?
    I think you might have a better chance getting it past Craig had it been placed in "Off-Topic" and not "Wire"!

    p.s. Your link doesn't work.
    you're right on both counts, darn.
    You mean Michael Palin? Really, to let Sarah Palin host such a show would be laughable. And ridiculously improbable. Michael Palin, however, is not merely immanently respectable, but generally an expert on hosting shows that take place in very strange, cold areas...
    maybe that's the source of Ari's laughter? Ari's American i believe, so saying Palin refers to Sarah, but to us Brits Palin means Michael!

    Usual trans-Atlantic mis-understanding!
    Considering Michael's late-career travelogue trend, I (an American) immediately concluded Michael Palin as well... especially since many of us (and I suspect anyone who'd lurk in a Wire forum) are desperately trying to forget Sarah.
    O so true! Honestly, what person could take seriously the lyrics to something like "Silk Skin Paws" and even *think* of voting for someone like *that*?!

    That said, I adore Michael Palin.
    me too.