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    Remember all that 'stars on 45' dross form the 80's? Well i think this would've been a massive hit!!!!
    About as good as it gets at updating Crass and making them more palatable. I saw them quite a few times and didn't have much time for their politics but they gave good gig. They were very much of their age although I did spot that Steve Ignorant was doing a tour of old Crass songs. I wouldn't sully my memories.
    Interesting that you like Crass, but not their politix - it's what they were all about!

    I am/was in total agreement re the Steve Ignorant/Feeding of the 5000 gigs, but apparently they went down a storm in London 2 years ago. Yes, he's announced a small UK/European tour later this year - i await the announcement of London dates in '11 with bated breath!

    Unfortunately, I only saw 'em twice back in the day as quite a few in London were called off due to threatened violence from both right & left wing bully-boys who both claimed Crass as sympathisers & felt aggrieved when Crass told them to fuck off!
    To me, politics and music don't mix. I disregard anyone trying to shape my political views through music unless the music has some value in which case I don't take the lyrics seriously. I saw Skrewdriver once, does that make me a nazi? ;)

    Crass can be defined by their politics but who goes to a gig for that? There was a buzz, a vibe at their gigs and musically, they actually had quite a lot of good tunes and a very powerful delivery. Great fun.
    The thing about Crass is that they were using music simply as a tool for that 5 year period of their existance. Previous to that they used to organise festivals, distribute leaflets, hold peotry readings, agitate & protest. After Crass split, they continued as they had been. Dial House still exists & Penny, Eve & others still live there & still have an 'open door' policy. Eve still makes her art, Penny still does his readings.

    Without their politix & history of agitation, Crass (the band) wouldn't've existed. I agree with all that you have said, but if their lyrics at the time didn't help open your eyes & ears to what was going on, then I think they'd've been rather disappointed. I was around 19 when i became aware of Crass & many of my veiws were already formed - Crass just helped confirm many of them & also angered me that people with non-conformist views can be treated so shoddily 'officially', if you see what i mean.

    you're right about the vibe, but that existed solely because of the constant threat of violence, which wouldn't've been there without their 'confrontational' lyrics.

    Of course seeing Skrewdriver doesn't make you a nazi. Similarly, seeing George Michael doesn't make me gay, nor seeing Madonna make me a serial foster parent etc. Seeing Crass did not make me an anarchist either, but, they (as with 'punk' generally) did make me question, or at least be highly sceptical, of authority or why some 'rules & regulations' are instigated.
    I saw the 'original' CRASS and the Steve Ignorant 5000 shows 2 years ago and I'm not an anarchist.

    I wouldn't go and see George Michael or Madonna as I have taste !!!
    I would & did as i have wide & multi-faceted tastes! Listening to the same/similar stuff gets tedious & unstimulating. & the brain needs stimulating!
    Stimulated by George Michael. Good for you, sir.
    There are far worse things to be stimulated by. Among others, Skrewdriver after '79...