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    I was pleased as punch to get my hands on a copy of the full 3-part French TV series CARLOS directed by Olivier Assayas and being a depiction of infamous terrorist Carlos The Jackal. I'd been waiting for this, having been unable to find any documentaries about him and my interest having been aroused for something vaguely approaching the facts after sitting through the awful, awful 'The Assignment' (rubbish film from the US that's Carlos-related - but hardly even vaguely authoritative).

    So there I am ... just checking randomly through the disc to check it's all okay etc (as you do - or don't), and all of a sudden I absolutely sky-rocketed when I find myself in the middle of an army battle played out to the sound of AHEAD !! I rewound and I do believe it's the whole song: VERY loud on the soundtrack. And unbelievably inappropriate!

    Onto another disc ... and I arrive in the middle of some ominous terrorist activity on a bus and in the middle of ... DOT DASH ! Well, I'm sure it made sense to someone ... nice to hear it on a soundtrack, but again, totally out of place ... or maybe it'll make more sense when I finally get a chance to watch all 5 hours ...

    Checking out the end credits, I see that the film ALSO features ... The 15th and Drill! (I later found this - a hard thing to do when you're trying not to watch the film - and it's a live version.)

    There are also other tunes on the soundtrack, including two Feelies songs whose names, I am ashamed to say, escape me right now ... I THINK there may have been a Sonic Youth song but I can't be sure, my mind has probably put all its efforts into blanking that out for me!

    From a film fan's point of view, I don't particularly care for the use of 'pop' - even my favourite pop - as general background music in films, unless it's actually relevant to the scene/story/characters. But if filmmakers insist on using records instead of original scored music, then I guess they might as well use Wire!

    There you go ...

    How unbelievably strange! Really, are you sure anybody... knows about this?
    Well, there's hardly been a lot of interest so maybe the world and his wife already knew and I was late catching up ...
    Glad to see this has aroused a whole load of interest here ... anyone know of anywhere I could post this where people might be interested in this kind of thing, ie not one, not two, not even three but FOUR different Wire songs appearing in a major film?
    Hippriest, your post is, I'm sure, noted, but there is nothing particularly to debate or discuss about this, and this isn't the most talkative forum on the web so don't take the lack of response to mean that your information is not of interest.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeAug 11th 2010 edited)
    you should be a diplomat.... does the documentary have subtitles?
    Just saw the abbreviated cinema version of this. Even with the prior warning, the sudden jolt of the intro of "Ahead" made me jump out of my seat.

    As hippriest hinted, there seems to be no reason for some of the music selections, like New Order's "Dreams Never End" (over the male nude scenes) and The Lightning Seeds' "Pure" for scenes set in the 1970s.
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