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    Review in this months Uncut magazine by John Lewis. 3 Stars, names checks the album again Eno and David Byrne.

    Des sent me some of the room recordings from a recent rehearsal. Sounds good and he has kept it all really close to the album versions.
    Fairly poistive review in the latest (January) edition of The Wire. Although "(h)aving contributed two songs to Wire's 154 album..." seems a bit of a stretch
    Hmmm. Yes. Looks like the misinterpreted that Des plays on 2 tracks on the bonus EP that came with original 154 album. Still good reviews all round so far. At last!
    Mojo this month give Penguin Island a thumbs up as a long lost classic, which it is indeed.
    This has probably been covered but is there any difference between this reissue and the WMO release?
    Both issues are identical
    did the gig happen? reports?
    The gig did happen and Des reports he is very pleased with the way it went, although the stage was too small and half the band sat at the front of the stage. Bruce attended and was suitably amused and impressed by Des and the teams revitalisation of this lost classic.
    Des has offered this self-review of the gig:

    "The gig was interesting, bringing Penguin Island to life as it were: we played the songs in the order that they were on the album, but minus Phone Ringing, April Waits, and A caste from Hawaii, as they didn't work in rehearsal.

    I'm not certain that playing them in the order of the album was entirely the best idea in the world as it did lead to anomalies like playing Tracers, which isn't the most dynamic of tunes closely followed by Alone on Penguin Island which required that the band shift to plastic guitar and childrens noise makers, so that any momentum was lost and it lurched from low key to almost somnambulant in pace.

    On the up side no one visibly walked out and the band managed to get through each number without too many problems, and it was fun to play nearly 5 minute versions of Man the Lifeboats and The Gymnast, although to call them dance tunes would be stretching the term.

    If I am offered further venues then I would certainly entertain doing it again, perhaps with a slight re-shuffle of the order and the addition of some of the songs that were not included in the selection for Penguin Island, maybe even a couple from A to Z and Not To."
    Is the Rough Cuts issue of Alone on Peguin Island a "download only" or is it available as a physical object?

    I've got the original release on vinyl but really would like the bonus tracks and a digital remix.

    Cool, thanks Kevin! I'll probably just download it, even though I like physical items better!
    Physical copy wise, I think I ordered mine straight from WMO/Kevin not too long ago. I've seen it in good second hand record shops too (Sister Ray, Vinyl Exchange in Manchester)