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    Whilst I love listening to Wire CDs, I also love the look, feel and sound of vinyl. I have most, if not all released 7" singles, but a lot of them (especially the earlier ones) have been played to death!

    Colin, Craig, anyone - is there any chance at some time in the future that Wire might consider putting out a box set of all released 7" singles in their original form?
    I can't speak for the band, but I'd be amazed if you'd ever see a vinyl set of 7" singles. I can't see how anyone would recoup the costs.
    I pick a lot of my vinyl up on ebay. :)
    Out of interest Craig, any idea what the costs might be? I realise there would be a fair amount of work involved in putting something like a box set together, but with enough people interested in purchasing something well made, wouldn't a limited run ever be possible? I mean, like everyone - I'm not made of money, but I would be prepared to pay a decent amount for a nice set.

    I know, as normf has said, that you can pick up most of the singles on ebay, but a super duper, luxury Wire box set would be mighty fine to salivate over.
    A nice addition that would be. But agree may be too expensive.
    Worth a look at though.Even re-realesing the singles in a block of 4 at time or something??
    I always seperate my Vinyl from the picture sleeves and house them seperately.
    On the positive side, since much of Wire's out put was on Mute, which is now owned by EMI - so at least in terms of release rights and the like it could be easier to manage.
    As an extension of this, I know that putting out the original 3 albums on CD w/out the tracks that EMI added was a big priority. So what is to come of those great B-sides, singles, and other cuts? The 154 bonus disc, for example?

    Indeed, I have them all from my old EMI or Restless issues so it isn't a tremendous priority, but are there any plans to revisit any of them?

    I admit I was going to say that a remaster of them would be attractive as well, but I have to bring up that my experiences with the very latest Pink Flag (label) masters have been iffy. Many cuts suffer from the Loudness War problem IMHO - I fully accept that the Restless issues that I originally bought were not particularly nice sounding, but the later EMI reissues sounded pretty good. The latest ones seem a bit harsh to me (i.e. 2 People in a Room).

    Not trying to go off on an audiophile tangent here, but I think they could be a bit more clean. I submitted Pink/Chairs/154 to Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab as candidates for future releases - they do some incredible work, and if more people write in to them we could see it happen!

    I also suspect that some of this might be a reaction to the high-gloss sound of the 80s period (which has come up in interviews a few times), but there's a great balance that I think could be struck when it comes to issues of the old material...
    Several good points there, 7jlong. Given that Denis Blackham was involved, I was slightly surprised (and disappointed) to hear and see that the reissued PF/CM/154 were compromised in terms of dynamic range, for the "benefit" of "loudness". The 1990s Harvest/EMI CDs were perfectly fine for me, so I'll stick with them (even though I got the box set for the Roxy/CBGB discs - the quality of the former was still a nice surprise).

    I wonder too what will happen with the additional tracks - it was said at the time that they were excluded because of "rights issues" but I'm sure that 'restoring the albums to their original format' was equally important? Personally I'm not too bothered, but I'm sure Madman isn't helped by the fact that "Options R" isn't even available on cd or even download nowadays - if anything, it makes the 7"s even more sought after.

    I think some of the 1980s period material isn't as "high gloss" as most people claim - I hope there will be some more reissues on the way, not neglecting this underrated Wire era (IMHO, I should add, as I know some of you disagree). "Coatings" is a gold mine and surely there must be miles of IBTABA tapes? Anyway, the obvious thing is a dvd release (the missing link between "On The Box" and "The Scottish Play").
    I hadn't realised that Option R was no longer available anywhere. Fortunately I do have that 7" single and also the 1994 remaster of Pink Flag, on which it appears as a bonus track. I wonder if it could at least be added to the digital download section to enable newer fans to hear it without having to track down the '94 remaster CD - their only other option would be to buy a turntable if they don't already have one - then track down the vinyl.
    I think the problem with the Mute-era stuff is that, generally, it never sold well, Seeing as it's all still in-print, reissues are unlikely. It's kind of a shame, because I'd love to see some Cure-style double-packs, with a remastered album on the first CD, B-sides and 'extras' (live tracks, demos) on a second CD, and a booklet with info and imagery. Oh, and a DVD of the '80s videos would be a nice addition, too.
    I don't think putting out a 7" box set would be practical, but I definitely would like to see those Wire rarities re-released on vinyl at some point. I did buy an "official" Wire compilation of 70's material on vinyl off of Ebay called "And Here It Is Again", it has Dot Dash, Options R & A Question of Degree on it, among highlights from the 3 albums. It's definitely worth tracking down and it's fairly inexpensive on EBay.
    Getting a CD reissue out of the 'extra' tracks might be one solution that would also be commercially viable.
    If by 'extra tracks' you mean a B sides, demos and rarities CD set, that would be great Craig. I would imagine Colin has tons of unheard (by us) gems that could be included. It would certainly be nice to have all the single B sides on one disc if that were ever possible. Also, I know that there are plenty of demos that have been unofficially available for sometime now, but it would be great to hear these in better quality.