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    Hi Guys

    I've put together this 80's indie/alternative music appreciation site, Wire are included, of course. Check out their page -

    hardly indepth - more like a portal for Amazon!
    Well, at least it isn't giving the music away for free!

    I get the impression that it is leaning towards a sort of "if you like this band, try this other one" kind of music cloud idea. But all the info is from elsewhere! Wouldn't it be more fun to offer even a sentence or two about what you think of these bands, and why you believe if someone stumbled on your site in search of Wire, they might also be interested in 10,000 Maniacs (cuz for the life of me I can't make the connection, even though I like one or two of their songs)?

    At any rate, I'm always in favor of folks talking up most of these bands. A lot of them are fading with time in the public conscience.
    I thought you were being rather uncharitable, until I looked at the site.

    Does just look like someones after earning click-thru points from Amazon rather than any particular labour of love.

    The Cabaret Voltaire site as a link to the band's "official website" which in fact takes you to the Edinburgh gig venue of the same name.
    The Cabaret Voltaire site rectified, thanks for pointing that out.