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    Who needs more info - just tickets!! get 'em quick, I believe it is a v small venue!!
    It is small! 200 capacity.
    It's basically a room above a nice pub on the Pentonville Road next to the Jurys Inn. Great venue, I saw a gig there earlier in the year and it's intimate but with really good sound and even when sold out it's not too cramped and you can get a great view of the band from the raised area near the bar.

    I've grown to love Factory Floor (think Throbbing Gristle/Chris and Cosey but more fun) so I'll be down for the Monday gig.
    Just on the Factory Floor thing - the Throbbing Gristle comparisons make no sense to me. Yes, there's a woman who plays the guitar, but beyond that I don't see all that much similarity. They strike me much more like Cabaret Voltaire - distorted guitar squall, fast agressive beats, meandering noise. The EP sounded in many ways like the two sides of Three Mantras.

    Only issue with them really is when I went to see them live they were so deafiningly loud that I couldn't really hear properly afterwards - I want to be able to hear Wire properly!
    Go Tuesday then. Simples!
    Nah, I love 'em! Monday ticket already bought.
    Got a ticket for the Monday as well(working Tuesday evening) and look forward to seeing both bands and to see if the support are TG ish or Cabs ish.. For anyone who's interested TG are playing in London in October.
    FF weren't that loud when I saw them but as Lexington is quite a small venue I may bring my earplugs which to date have only seen action for My Bloody Valentine.

    As for the TG comparison,

    I was thinking of this:

    and then look at this:

    There is some common thread running through I feel. Plus Chris Carter did a remix for FF so there is clearly some mutual appreciation. But yes you're right 'Lying' does sound a lot like CVs Western Mantra!
    I suppose the one main distinction I'm drawing is that A Wooden Box is much faster than Discipline. I don't remember TG ever being that fast!
    Incedentally, the Chris Carter remix is good, if you haven't heard it. The Stephen Morris one too.
    The postman delivered my ticket this morning ,hurrah !!!!!!
    Yep - just back from the Edinburgh Fringe & tx waiting on mat for me - watta welcome home!
    Are these gigs sold out already ?, there's no tickets on Ticketweb, any plans for any other gigs, or regional shows ?
    Just wanting to check in the run-up who's going to this on what day, and what good pubs there are in the immediate vicinity.
    Me, Monday. The Lexington has a nice bar area downstairs which I think is open to non-gig goers as well, not sure what else is in the vicinity as I'm not from that London.
    I'm there on Monday also, but have left my bleeding passport in Manchester (travelled down especially), so I might not even be getting into the gig, it being 18+ and bouncers at gigs in my experience being more insistent on ID than even supermarkets.
    I had forgotten this was basically in a pub though. somewhere to wait beforehand problem solved.
    I hope Mark & Tim have remembered their passports.
    Ive got a visa for the day keith.

    Mixtil you should be ok, dont think gig is age restricted.
    Says on their site that all their gigs are 18+!
    Mmh. Just have to hope they're not too hardline about what ID they want (I am over 18, by the way)

    On a more interesting note, does anyone have any clue about the set list?
    why spoil the surprise?