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    the whole of Manscape done acoustic, followed by all the George Gill era stuff.

    PS any probs with security look chances are the band will be hovering about. Failing that look for a big bloke in a Cabaret Voltaire t shirt and I'll help!
    i know u said that with your tongue very firmly in your cheek, Swimmer, but i would be up for that gig! Manscape remains my fave Wire lp & there's nowt wrong with a bit of misogynistic cock rock!!!!!!
    An acoustic Manscape gig would be great - though I'd like to know that's what it was beforehand.

    Is anyone at the Lexington as I type? I am.12XU tshirt, massive bag with white umbrella sticking out the top, tall.
    Great gig tonight. Lexington is a pretty small venue, sold out and packed and a lot of the crowd were crammed into the bar area at the back but actually if you venture onto the main floor its not that packed, quite comfortable and sightlines are very good for such a small place. (Little tip there for anyone going tomorrow night).
    The Downstairs bar was also heaving due to the Rough Trade Pop Quiz so it didn't make for a great meeting place for Wire fans who were told by the Quizmaster to keep quiet or stay upstairs (!). I think those going tomorrow night will be spared this 'pleasure'.

    I really enjoyed Factory Floor's pulverising set, very loud and very heavy on the trance-out Moroder basslines and Throbbing Gristle-esque guitar thrashing. They played what seemed maybe 4 long pieces in their set which gradually built. compared to the last time I saw them they seemed to have added some layers to the sound with each member triggering samples and sampling their own voices and the occasional bit of quite sweet melody emerged. An excellent choice of support band for Wire and I think.

    ---spoiler alert!

    Wire came on about 9.45 and opened with 'Smash' which was one of several songs from Red Barked Tree. I don't have a setlist but I'm sure one of you can help. 'Clay' got an airing early on as did 'Please Take' (which was a particular highlight). I think most of the crowd were seasoned Wire fans who knew they were getting new material and indeed were looking forward to a sneak preview of the new record so the new songs went down well and I didn't hear that many shouts for old songs, although the Scottish bloke who was heckling at the Garage was back (the one who told them to stop playing abroad?!), and this time his words of wisdom were "Play Some Music". "Why change the habit of a lifetime" answered Colin.

    There were no 'new' old songs from the Garage set but notably only 1 song each from Send and Object 47 (Spent and Mekon Headman) and I was actually quite pleased that Lowdown and 12XU didn't appear...those two need a 'rest'.
    Highlights of the old stuff were a strangely reticent and restrained Drill, and my highlight was Underwater of those 'strays'. Oh and they absolutely nailed '106 Beats That' which is often a tumbling mess played live.
    A new song was played as the encore, a rather stately and slow piece I didn't catch the title of which I can't wait to hear again, and finishing with a ferocious Pink Flag.

    Thoroughly enjoyable, taut and robust performance. Matt doing a sterling job and making all the right noises (complete with his Toaster-shaped Amp).I think this is the basis of a really impressive set for next years tour. I have only one complaint that Colin looks down at his lyric sheets too much. I think we can forgive a few fluffed lyrics for a bit more eye contact with the audience and a few dance moves!
    On the subject of Newmanesque dance moves, we did get a couple of tableux style poses, á la Rockpalast, which was nice.

    I had the good fortune to be stood DIRECTLY in front of Graham, and spent a large part of the evening staring at his wonderfully expressive face. Has a powerful gaze, that one.

    It was a nice version of Advantage in Height, and I found myself singing along to every word of Please Take - I think that's a classic in the making.

    Matt seemed a lot more into it and relaxed than the Garage show, which was nice.

    will give you further thoughts etc later, I'm currently typing this on my phone in St Pancras station - missed the last train back to Manchester, so I'm waiting for the 6.17 AM.
    FF were on for 42 minutes and did 3 tracks !!! Hypnotic and mesmerising, I defy anyone not to nod their head or even tap their feet when they play. For anyone interested ,they're supporting Sonic Youth on New Years Eve at Hammersmith Apollo.
    They reminded me of Cabs circa 3 Mantras as mentioned earlier and I was also reminded of bands like 23 Skidoo, Bourbonese Qualk ,Nocturnal Emissions and for the electronic rhythms alone CTi.

    Wires set was Smash/ Clay /Mekon Headman /Advantage In Height/ Drill /Please Take /The 15th /German Shepherds /A Flat Tent/ Kidney Bingos /Moreover /2 People In A Room/ 106 Beats That /Spent.
    (encore) Boiling Boy/ Underwater Experience.
    (2nd encore) Adapt /Pink Flag.

    There were plans to do Lowdown/12XU according to one of the setlists on stage but they still gave value for money seeing as they played for about 90 minutes all in.
    My personal highlights were Spent (as always) Please Take , Kidney Bingos and Drill (although it slightly lacked enough Dugga Dugga for me).
    A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening. Can't do tonight due to work so looking forward to the Scala now.........
    Perhaps there's an 11pm curfew at the Lexington... they were on at about 9.40pm instead of the 9.30 advertised which, while no big deal for us, would have meant cutting out that final encore.

    I was outside and heading for Kings Cross at 11.02pm...
    Thoroughly enjoyed the gig. Haven't seen them for some time, not since I think some terribly dull concerts on the south bank some years back that put me off a bit. I think this sort of venue is ideal for Wire, and the mix of old and new seemed to satisfy everyone. Was it Graham outside the gig before the start trying to offload a ticket? Odd. As for Factory Floor, it seemed to me that the main influence, given the prominence of the drums, was Silver Apples.
    Did anyone get a recording of this?

    And for those who are interested, the last piece in the Factory Floor set was A Wooden Box, off their untitled EP, drastically messed about with. The other two were new peices.
    anyone care to tell us what the 2nd show was like?
    it was absolutely brilliant. don't know for which reason exactly, but it was much better than the day before. everyone i spoke to shared the same opinion. better sound too. actually it was one of the best Wire concerts i've seen in the last years. hope somebody recorded it.
    ah, same setlist. not sure whether exactly the same order but same songs. and Matt did a great job imo.
    Darn, couldn't make it in the end... hope Oxford is as good!
    I didn't go Monday, but i did Tuesday & after the Garage gig i was eagerly awaiting the boys to hit the stage. For whatever reason, & try as i might i couldn't pinpoint why, the 1st half of the gig lacked the intensity of the June gig. Then all of a sudden when they did Two People In A Room, the intensity & power went up several notches & the rest of the gig was a stormer - partic Spent & Pink Flag! Someone (above) mentioned that Drill lacked somat - i quite liked the stripped down version - perhaps not as much as it's usual incarnation, but it shows how Wire continue to rewrite their stuff & refuse to lay on their laurels - nice one gentlemen!

    Though I have the lp & like it a lot, after 1/2 hour of LoneLady i'd had enough! A tad repetitive - especially the overuse of the electronic tom-tom!

    & what a great little venue The Lexington is! Good sound, good sightlines - shame about no draught beer upstairs!!!

    Early attenders at the downstairs bar would've seen Graham chilling. & Robert was still in the pub when we left at 8.30! So THAT's how they prepare for a gig!!!!
    I went both nights - both sets were the same songs in the same order

    Thought the sound was better on the second night - Graham's bass was swamping the guitars on Monday - one or two missed cues on the Tuesday (most notably Colin on "Two People In A Room") - but both nights great. Wished they had chopped and changed a bit - quite a few people had tkts for both gigs - but Wire are stuill a storming live band with more balls and passion than a hell of a lot of groups who weren't born when Wire played the Dusseldorf gig 32 years ago.....
    "Wire are stuill a storming live band with more balls and passion than a hell of a lot of groups who weren't born when Wire played the Dusseldorf gig 32 years ago..... "

    Amen to that!
    Also, Wire's been doing what it did prior to the ’91 split and playing material that's not on general release yet, which is pretty interesting. Here's hoping that continues.
    I agree wholehearedly with you Craig. I remember reading an interview with Colin once where he said he didn't care if he knew the material that was being played or not at a gig, as long as it was a great gig. This ~40% ratio of unreleased material is great.
    Didn't make either of the Lexington gigs, but I'm thoroughly heartened to hear they're going back to the policy of playing new music at the gigs.

    This was one of the chief reasons I fell so hard for Wire in the first place - that they demanded their audience follow them into uncharted territory at every gig. I must admit to being slightly (actually, very) disappointed when they started peppering their sets with Pink Flag material post-2000.

    I like the intellectual rigour of going to a Wire gig and having no idea what you're going to get, although being confident it'll be marvellous.

    What are the chances of them doing a set of completely unheard material on the Red Barked Tree tour next year?
    Been to the Tuesday gig, and it was great, quite different from the last gig I've seen at this year's Primavera Festival. The new songs were the best part of the set, and I personally would have preferred the whole set to comprise new stuff. I really liked the restrained version of Drill, and, well, the whole set didn't have a single disappointing moment as far as I am concerned. It was great to briefly meet some ICers which I've never seen before - sorry I didn't have time to hang out with you before or after the gig, it was my last night in London, and it was a very hectic and demanding trip. Got three videos, though. Sorry about the quality, I was not particularly sober: