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    Hello everyone, I thought this'd be an appropriate place to tell people about this. Over the last couple of months I recorded a bunch of Wire covers. 16 songs (culled from 20 recorded) from their first three albums. It was an exercise in home recording, just a bit of fun, but I think they came off pretty well, so I'm putting them out there.

    They live here -

    I'd like to hear what fellow Wire fans think.

    Darn good!
    Just listened to "Sand in my joints" and "Dot dash" with "from the nursery" playing as I type ....real nice stuff !

    Great to hear other interpretations of loved songs??.....

    anychance of you sending/selling a CD-R of it to me?
    I'm actually putting some artwork together, so that's a possibility I guess. I dunno what the legal/copyright ramifications of that are though. I guess one copy will be alright.

    I'll get back to you. Thanks for listening!
    Interesting work. Not always my thing, but generally above par and with some really exceptional moments; your version of "I Am The Fly", in particular, is absolutely brilliant, as is the mutant guitar solo at the conclusion of "12XU".

    Actually, a word of friendly advice: Your work seems most impressive when it is at its least straightforward. Play it weird and you really can do no wrong.
    Very encouraging, thank you. Weird comes easy; I find it hard to tone down, actually. Trying to find the balance between weird and accessible. There are four more tracks which I never quite finished (Champs, Ex Lion Tamer, Straight Line, It's So Obvious). May do a little more work on them and put those up.

    One idea I had today was to cover 'O Superman' by Laurie Anderson, in a Wire-y kinda style, with full instrumentation.
    Very nice.
    >>One idea I had today was to cover 'O Superman' by Laurie Anderson, in a Wire-y kinda style, with full instrumentation. <<
    now THAT I'd love to hear.............
    "One idea I had today was to cover 'O Superman' by Laurie Anderson, in a Wire-y kinda style, with full instrumentation. "

    Great idea. I hope you make it stupidly fast, loud, brutal and Send/Drill-like in complete contrast to the original, and give it some Watford on the vocals: OAAAAWWW SOOOPA MAAAAN!!! AH AH ARRRRGHH! You get the idea!
    Listening right now and enjoying quite a bit. I'll also echo the comment above that the more off-kilter interpretations are the stronger ones. Wire covers tend to sound better the more mutilated they are from the original.
    it seems i am the only dissenting voice, but i find them unexciting by themselves and totally naff as Wire covers!
    they're definitely all much better than the "a mutual friend" cover from the whore CD..
    Oh for the record I wasn't too happy being on a record called "Whore". Charming.
    I think someone who's posting their music here deserves better than being described as totally naff.
    i think someone posting here is entitled to a point of view!
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeSep 16th 2010 edited)
    not so, this list is purely for yes men, gottit?
    i think someone who shows so much love for Wire's music spending a considerable amount of time to figure out and record all the parts deserves on this forum a more diplomatic comment even if you didn't like it at all. but that's just my point of view :-)
    That's exactly what I meant, Biccio. Glad it's not just me.
    so sue me!