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    Woh, I don't think posting your music on here, or going to considerable efforts to cover Wire songs deserves any sort of special diplomacy and doesn't automatically deserve the right to be liked. Surely that would be damning this person with faint praise?

    If I posted some work here I'd like people to be honest about whether they liked it or not so fair play if Garageband thinks its naff that's fair enough. As it happens, I like 4Bs work here. It's a bit like listening to the same music through someone elses filter and/or ears and I rather enjoyed that curious experience.

    Margaret, I always thought the 'Whore' title was a bit strong too, but I suspect it was probably a bit of an in-joke between the band and presumably Kevin and the compilers, and obviously a play on the word 'Wire' (Mr Eden can probably clarify). And if nothing else it did stand out on the record racks I recall.
    "doesn't automatically deserve the right to be liked."

    Of course not, Tim. I wasn't suggesting that for a moment. But if you don't like something and you know the creator is reading then I think you should show some common decency in explaining why rather than just saying it 'naff' . And if you (well not you!) are incapable of doing that, then shut up. Just my opinion...
    Wasn't "Whore" supposed to be "Who are?", playing on "Why are?" or something?
    Keith, are all your band reviews 'condescending' in nature or do you slam the group if you find the naff?
    I like to think I give things more thought than Garage Band clearly does. That doesn't make them condescending and frankly I'm surprised at you for suggesting that.
    i don't have to give any thought to something i don't like! generally i find cover version a total waste of time & effort (both being made & listened to). Two exceptions i can think of are John Cale's version of Heartbreak Hotel & Scissor Sisters Comfortably Numb. They both made the records their own & were virtually unrecognisable from the originals.

    4bill's are not exceptional. He's just taken the Wire tracks & done them slightly different. Uninvolving and naff - i stand by my original thoughts. totally ridiculous to think that cos i don't like something, or i'm not prepared to be diplomatic it in soft words, that it has dragged on for a page or so! So we don't agree - just let it go!

    You've told me to 'shut up' and made a sweeping statement about me 'not thinking' (it didn't deserve/require much thought). Perhaps yer better off 'thinking' about your posts rather than just insulting peoplegarage band!

    Having said all that 4bill has added nowt to the forum except one reply to his original posting of his link. One has to assume that he's a Wire fan as he covered some songs. However he can't be bothered to post on here! I would question his motives for posting/joining!
    I'd let it go, Garage Band. If you read the thread above I was responding to direct questions from Ari, who has been a 'friend' of mine here and IC for years, and to R Swimmer who is a friend in the real world. I did think about my post. I don't think it's any more insulting than yours.
    difficult to know who yer referring to unless you include a quote or say a name!

    now if 4bil thought i was being insulting i could (almost) understand it. It always amazes me when others get involved when it wasnae them that was 'insulted'!

    Craig - do us all a favour & close this thread!!!!
    Some people are just obnoxious, and they don't care who knows it.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeSep 23rd 2010 edited)
    Keith. that was a question, not a statement............., I 'know' you're not 'condescending', which is why I was surprised at your response to garageband.
    I've listened to the tracks now, and I like them. What I like is that, even though you don't have a strong identity as a singer, you've discovered a way to manipulate your vocals and come up with some kind of original sound. I do think your vocals sound better down in the mix a bit. They're up too high on a couple of tracks I think. You've got an interesting approach to the guitar, and I'd be interested in hearing your own material.
    Hello all. Thanks for all the comments - save for garage band's, which made me cry.

    In all seriousness, if you're not interested in covers, what was the point in listening to mine? I happen to think cover versions are great; you can hone your skills in recording and playing without worrying about writing. I have a lot of original stuff written, I'm just getting the knack of the technical side via recording cover versions. I happened to choose Wire because I like them. MY EVIL MOTIVES EXPLAINED.


    Anyway. I haven't posted here because I've been travelling and I don't spend my life in front of a computer. Is that against the rules?

    bigsteveno, thanks for a merciful bit of insight. I did rush the mixing a little bit, and may do another pass at them. I needed some time away from them, I think. Monitor fatigue.
    I don't 'think' garageband is necessarily against covers, he just voiced his opinion about yours, surely There's LOTS of music you don't like, but ya gotta listen first so you can make your mind up-right? don't take it personally, there's lots of music I don't like, and need to 'feel free' to voice those opinions- like you do (?) b.t.w, nothing is against the rules in my world, enjoyed your renditions, keep it up, and learn from criticism, it'll do your heart good.
    For what it's worth I rather enjoyed these versions, especially From The Nursery and A Question Of Degree. Sounds like you had a bit of fun doing them. My only slight problem was with the processing on the vocals. Not so sure about that. I keep thinking of the beheaded Ian Holm in Alien. That strange liquid and brittle quality. Good on you for tackling all those songs. The work of a true Wire obsessive.
    I like the Ian Holm quality! It's almost like a nod to Cabaret Voltaire, whom I also love.
    Hello chaps! (Ari, Mark, Craig, Fergus, and the scores of others I don't know)

    I've played a couple tracks - FourBillion, I give you props for covering Wire at all. I've tried on a few occasions and I'm never quite happy with my own results. I thought you did a great job of doing the songs straight and still injecting what I would assume is your own musical personality. ;) (that sounds more menacing than I intended it, mind)

    That said, maybe I'll revisit that stab at "Silk Skin Paws"...
    4billion - that's a lot of fun. thanks for the upload.
    Hey Jack, long time no read......................
    Haven't listened to the tracks yet. Personally I think dedicating so much time and effort for covering one particular band from one particular phase is a waste of time. I might even like it, but I do think anyone who thinks it's naff can say it and not elaborate, even at the risk of being obnoxious, which I don't think he has. He didn't like it - he plainly wrote it - I wish more people would be as direct and honest about their feelings about my music and I always try to do the same.
    Giluz - I appreciate your perspective. I think it's perfectly alright to have an opinion (or even a delivery) that deviates from the 'accepted norm'. Mind you, there's a lot to be said to criticism that respects both the creator (or emulator in this case?) AND the end user (read: everybody else).

    I liked it, someone else didn't...that's life. lol