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    Hullo all,

    the first batch of tickets for November's shows sold out in a jiffy, but there are now some more online:

    Wire supported by Factory Floor here:

    Wire supported by LoneLady here:

    Please keep your eyes peeled to for Wire content in the run-up to the gig.

    We shall look forward to seeing you there,

    Many thanks,

    Luke Quietus
    hope they're not gonna cram us in too tight!!! Don't wanna be sardines like the Brixton Academy!!!!
    Mmh, a 200 person crowd sounded fantastic! Can't help thinking it'll loose something as an event if it becomes 300, 400, however many.
    Mixtil - fear not, we're not building a bigger venue as we go along, it's a small spot with a limit!
    How can all tickets 'sell out' then suddenly some more become available ???
    good question!! methinks it'll be rather crammed!
    there will be a very intimate atmosphere...
    If you click on the links you'll see they're different nights.......duh.
    I've been to a sold out gig at the Lexington before and it wasn't a sardines situation, quite comfortable really. Its a room above a pub, although once you've handed in your ticket and got your hand stamped you can move freely between the pub and the venue. There is a separate bar at the back of the live room with a raised area where you can get a good view of the band. I seem to remember thinking when I was there this would be a perfect venue to see Wire!

    "How can all tickets 'sell out' then suddenly some more become available ??? "
    nobrainer, quite easily. I understand they were planning to sell a few tickets on the door but clearly the demand has been high so those have gone as advance tickets. Maybe they cut back on the guest list a bit too.

    Ari, no 'Duh' required! Wire have been booked to play two nights at the venue all along and additional tickets were released for both. Both nights are sold out now needless to say.

    The Wire garage gig was a bit undersold so clearly Mojo Magazine should hire the Quietus guys next time they want to do some gig promotion!