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    Per the Pink Flag email list:

    During 2010 Wire has been working on its 12th studio album which is being mastered as we speak. The album was recorded in London, and all of the material was composed during 2010.

    The release dates will be

    20th December 2010 - Digital
    10th Jan 2011 - CD (Vinyl will be released either with or ahead of the CD)

    The provisional running order is

    Please Take
    A Flat Tent
    Two Minutes
    Bad Worn Thing
    Now Was
    Down To This
    Red Barked Trees

    Some titles will be familiar from shows earlier in the year. More info will be forthcoming over this year.

    Interesting album title. I like it! It's rather curious a good number of tracks that were played live don't seem to be in the tracklisting. It's possible the titles may have changes (or been incorrectly named on the boots) but just off the top of my head, here are three that I don't see included:

    -Up From Above
    I think Flat Tent = Ten
    Just under 4 months! At least we have a gig b4 then!
    or 3 months if one digs digital! :)
    Cover art is awesome. "Two Minutes" is pretty underwhelming to be honest. It could work well in the context of an album but it doesn't work for me as a standalone piece.
    The spoken vocals are never a great idea but the track could easily have turned up during the Harvest period. Taking into account their advanced years, from the last gig I saw I think they can only rock out for two minutes at a time:-)... Alas, like myself:-(

    Something to look forward too in the gloom ahead.
    Not overly keen on the spoken style—not horrible by any means, but not personally appealing—but I'm encouraged by the Send-ish musical aggression. All in all, my eagerness for the new album is still strong.
    Look forward to it.
    from the last 5 gigs i've seen i got the impression they can easily rock out for much longer than two minutes at a time.
    I rather like the new track and I like the cover art a lot.

    "customers will also be able to receive a free bonus EP Strays featuring live favourites which have never acheived greatness as recorded artefacts."

    He Knows, Underwater Experiences....what else?
    maybe new tracks "Because" and "Up from above"
    I find the new track very interesting and a far more engaging listen than most of the material on "Object 47".
    The soundscape is challenging and experimental and i'm looking forward to repeated listens to try and decipher the
    lyrics! Looking forward to the rest.
    When is the lp & Strays available for pre-order?
    On first listen I thoroughly enjoyed Two Minutes. I have no objection to the occasional spoken word song - a whole album of it may be a differennt matter. But like Dr Medulla I like the Send-era vibe the song gives out. That might be the last thing the band wants to hear- it's all about progression not regression with Wire, after all...
    Did people receive an email regarding the album? I'm on the mailing list (I just double-checked) and have heard nowt ...
    I'm on the mailing list too but didn't receive any info on the new album.
    I didn't get an info email either.
    On Two Minutes, the entire album isn't 'spoken word' in terms of vocals; it also makes more sense in context.
    Two Minutes is now also available from this website's 'listen' page as a free MP3.