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    well, I've had a chance to listen to RBT a couple of times now, and suffice to say I'm over the moon with it. As I think about Wire in the 00s, there was of course, the reclamation, the rediscovery, and live shows were of course just unforgettable. Send (and in particular Send Ultimate) were all part of that... Yet that seems like a lifetime ago, and of course, for me, it was two lifetimes ago!
    There are two things to RBT that really move me; first, the songs, which present a journey through the record; yes, it's an album, dare I say. Secondly, and in particular, is the timbre to the disc, which is just beyond description; Colin did an amazing job on the production, so I guess I'll eat my hat on that!

    I've always had a school-boy crush on Wire. Again, I'm reminded why. Thanks for the healing RBT.
    djfake: this must be the first proper review of RBT ever. At least in my view, because that's exactly how I feel about the album (and the band and the history and Send and blah, blah etc).
    Just perfect.
    Anyone got the vinyl yet? Mine came today, gotta say there's no expense spared with the packaging. Not. COuld they not even put a cd booklet in as a compromise? No inner bag , not insert, nothing. Disappointed.
    The highly influential Pitchfork gave RBT an 8.0:

    This is huge. I personally don't value their opinions but a lot of people do and this is going to be big for Wire as far as moving some units.

    Congrats on the well deserved score!
    Interestingly, Joe Tangari _didn't_ review it (thankfully—he's been happily slagging off Githead and Wire for too many releases now).
    Oh, I don't know. I'm no Pitchfork apologist, but Tangari's Wire reviews seem pretty accurate - and relatively positive. How he translates those reviews to the grades he gives I'm not quite sure, but if I didn't know Wire and read his review for, say, Object 47 I might be inclined to give it a shot. He also wets himself over the EMI albums, but I think that might be written into the contract for Pitchfork writers.

    As for Githead, I tend to agree with what I think is the thrust of his reviews: I want to like their releases a lot more than I usually do.
    Amazon are doing a good deal on the vinyl version. I've already purchased the cd through the mailorder page so have received the excellent Strays ep so think I'll get the vinyl version through Amazon
    billynomates says :Anyone got the vinyl yet? Mine came today, gotta say there's no expense spared with the packaging. Not. COuld they not even put a cd booklet in as a compromise? No inner bag , not insert, nothing. Disappointed.

    The CD is a digipak ( a la Send) so no booklet with the CD I'm afraid.
    I listened to Red Barked Tree all the way through this morning. It's really, really fantastic. Better than Object 47 and at least as good as Send-era stuff. In fact, I was very surprised at how different it sounds to Object 47. There's something about the recording/arrangement of the songs... I don't know how to put it into words. Object 47 was very deliberate in sound; this one feels looser and more off-the-cuff at times. And Robert's contributions really shine on this album. A lot of the songs have his drums being "synched" with the notes of a synth or guitar in a really powerful way. Again, hard to put into words.

    The only track I really don't have anything nice to say about is Two Minutes. I keep trying to like it, but it's just not happening. From the descriptions I read of it I thought I'd love it. My favorite songs on the album are Please Take and Adapt. I don't know why reviewers seem to be panning Adapt, it's a stand-out track as far as I'm concerned.

    Great job to all involved. Can't wait to see Wire in Austin!
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 14th 2011)
    I'm not too concerned about packaging, but what's the quality of the vinyl--and the sound?
    Not played the vinyl yet, but will this weekend and report. It's a good heavyweight, I assume 180g, so looks promising. Would have been nice to see some sort of insert. I got mine from was 10 quid. But no EP obviously.
    Strays is FANTASTIC

    Love all of the new versions, especially happy to hear Margaret lend some backing vocals to the end of "German Shepards". That version is 10 times better than any version that came before it.
    Colin's set list from the Rough Trade East show (thanks to Wire for signing it)
    billyno-mates says:

    "gotta say there's no expense spared with the packaging. Not. COuld they not even put a cd booklet in as a compromise? "

    There is no CD booklet to be had. The CD version is a digi-pack, and the only artwork is the front cover image and the Pinkflag logo. The rest is just plain text, track listing on the back and some credits inside. In terms of an object, you essentially just get the same thing the rest of us have got, but you've got a bigger one! ;)

    A good investment nevertheless. I'll never be convinced about the sound of Vinyl, especially for music recorded, mixed and mastered in a digital environment which I assume RBT was, but I can't help thinking I'll regret getting everything on CD or download in 20 years time when these limited vinyl runs start changing hands for silly money!
    Having gotten over the lack of packaging, I have to report the vinyl sounds amazing. Played it twice thru back to back today, it's a great record, no doubt I will live to love it more, but as an overall picture, it is lovely. Wheter it was recorded digitally or not, the songs retain the warmth normal to vinyl.

    Could do with a digi version though, for the old iPod.
    Quote from a terrific four-star album of the day review in today's Scotland on Sunday newspaper: Red BArked Tree is "as zingy and refreshing as a peppermint enema" ! Brilliant.
    billyno-mates says...

    "Could do with a digi version though, for the old iPod. "

    According to the front page of the website, you get a free download of the album with the Vinyl LP
    Only if you buy it from the Pinkflag shop.
    I am totally blown away by Red Barked Trees - this is the best Wire album (IMO) in many years - and the best album by anyone for even longer!

    Wire don't need CD booklets with their music - the music is all that's needed - it speaks far louder than a booklet ever could! Thanks Wire men - you are back to your awesome best - this album is truly brilliant!
    If anyone wants what you'd normally find in a booklet, the Red Barked Tree press page has an overview, the Wilson Neate interview (on how each of the songs was conceived) and the lyrics.