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    In the 1970s, Wire got stuffed by EMI's hyping, but I'm always slightly surprised the band never managed to sneak into the top 40 in the 1980s, with radio-friendly (but edgy) stuff like Ahead, Kidney Bingos and Eardrum Buzz (which came close, charting at #68).

    On the devaluation of music, there's always been widespread piracy, although these days there's a generation growing up who doesn't recognise that this is wrong. (When we were tape-to-taping in the 1980s, or copying from vinyl, we knew that was dodgy. These days, kids assume music is/should be free.) Still, there's a lot to be said for convenience—if you've a credit card hooked up to iTunes and hear something you like, a click is less hassle than searching through Google to find an MP3 on some scummy downloads site. (Also, torrenting is something for a more tech-savvy user—plenty of people don't know the first thing about torrents.)
    'lust for life' was recorded in 1977 and was used in a television ad in the U.S. for Carnival Cruise Lines and played over and over and over again for at least a year and a half. this was in about 2007 to 2008. people ( outside of music fans) might not have ever heard of Iggy Pop, but they sure know that song by heart!. and believe me Iggy made a veritable boatload of money off of it.
    Trainspotting got LFL big over here in the 90's. Reached the UK charts IIRC.
    Did they keep the 'liquor and drugs' line in for the Carnival Cruise ad?
    just finished ripping all Wire studio albums to computer/music server. interesting about random play is what sounds congruous and what doesn't. its been quite a pleasure to revisit tracks that I have forgotten about: "Still Shows", "Public Place", "Patient Flees", "Free Falling Divisions", "Tailor Made"...

    RBT fits in with the best.
    "Did they keep the 'liquor and drugs' line in for the Carnival Cruise ad?"

    ha,ha,, Ian, but can't you just picture a madison avenue ad exec watching trainspotting late at night , drink in hand, cigarette hanging out of his mouth, small line of coke on the table........thinking "this could be fucking huge!!"
    haha - excellent, Freakbag!
    After listening to Red Barked Tree for the past month, I am really blown away. It is superb. The drumming, the lyrics, the guitars, the odd sounds. I am quite taken by Adapt. It is majestic and emotional, and the piano and acoustic guitars sound great. Been trying to understand the meaning of the last line, "Adopt: "Chekov," to the family crest." Anyone have any thoughts? I assume Wire is referencing Russian writer Anton Chekhov (though the spelling on the lyric sheet uses the last name spelling for the helmsman on the original Star Trek show). Is he referencing Chekhov's humility and seeming rejection of heroic values in his personal life?
    Enjoyed RBT. In particular Graham Lewis singing please take and bad worn thing. A real return to form, Went to the Bristol gig, the band seemed up for it and were the best ive seen them live. Even the wife who ive dragged along to several wire gigs over the years enjoyed it, she usually hates them. She actually walked out of the Manscape gig in Fulham and went to the pub next door. Welcome..Welcome.
    So lets imagine it was 1991 and not 2011 and record companies liked to keep releasing singles off an LP to keep the buzz going. What track would we have as the 2nd single (If we go on the basis that 2 Minutes was the first "virtual" single)?.

    I'd go for Now Was, Clay or maybe Bad Worn Thing. And perhaps have one of the lost RBT songs that were being played last year as the B Side...maybe "Because"? And as extra tracks maybe a couple of live tracks or another twig from the Recycled Sherwood Forest? Or should I throw the Radio pluggers a curveball and pick a slow one..maybe the title track? Tricky decision.
    Based on the impressions of friends who aren't Wire obsessives, BWT has made the most impact in terms of accessibility.
    Two Minutes was, I'd say, a 'sampler' track more than a single. Bad Worn Thing would get the nod from me either way though.
    Surely the sampler track has replaced the single for bands like Wire?

    Of course although we get these tracks for free before the album comes out, the old farts like us who still actually buy stuff...well am I alone in thinking we lose out in this free download age?

    We'll buy the album anyway so all we're doing is hearing a track in advance. In the old days we'd have had a single with 3-4 tracks on it. The odd new track. The odd remix. Not now!

    I'm a pop tart so the next single for me would be Please Take - with the swear words removed!
    garage band

    'gang of 2, becomes 1!'

    Just wanted to reassure you I'm back on board ... played it again and I really have no idea what was I thinking. Not that it matters a jot to anyone else but I just wanted to set the record straight with your good self!

    "we shall fight them......."
    Keith said "I'm a pop tart so the next single for me would be Please Take - with the swear words removed! "

    If you bleeped out the swear words you'd have an early 90s Warp type bleep track!
    Or it'd be like KLF's Fuck The Millennium when it was on the radio.
    They did a clean version on Radio 6!
    Colin's also done a "Mook" mix for 6Music that cleans up the chorus.
    For me I think the hyptohetical single would be Clay. Classic Wire.