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    Stop moaning about the mailing list and listen to the tune again. It's a grower!

    An odd choice of promo track, and clearly meant to fit within the context of the record, but reveals more with repeat listens.

    There is a 'Send' aspect to the rhythm of the track but there's a funny little bass note that sounds very Chairs Missing to me but other than that an intriguing glimpse of what is inside those bottles behind the curtain. I'm a sucker for any Wire track with some vocal interplay between Colin's 'Mr Angry of Watford' vs Graham's velvety baritone.
    It's certainly not the track I'd have chosen for promo stuff, although it's still a pretty interesting listen. The most 'single' ones on there for me are probably Now Was (which Won't. Bloody. Well. Get. Out. Of. My. Head. It's more infectious than Eardrum sodding Buzz) and the Graham-voiced Bad Worn Thing.

    It'll be interesting to see what people think of the album. I personally think it's quite a bit better (and certainly a lot more consistent) than Object 47, and it's recognisably Wire, but it's very much another 'version' of Wire (in the same way the band shifted from PF to CM to 154 to IC to Bell to TFL to Send to O47...)
    ehm, now you're making us veeery curious....and we'll have to wait two more months...
    has Matt actually been involved in the recording of the album or is it the same line-up as O47 ?
    As far as I know, Matt's a touring musician; the album's Colin/Graham/Robert.
    So is Strays an attempt to studio-nail the 'live favourites that never achieved greatness as recorded artefacts' or just live recordings? I expect the latter, but just so as I know...
    Anyone else think that Two Minutes sounds like a cross between Parklife and Spacemen 3's Revolution?

    I'm loving it whatever!
    Ian, Strays is studio
    Looks like I'll end up buying RBT twice. I planned on going the iTunes route from the start—it's an earlier release date and I rarely listen to cd's anyway nowadays—but there's no way that I can pass up Strays (especially if, I hope and pray, "Underwater Experiences" will be on it).
    I hope also "He Knows" will be on it..
    I do hope we see more of Up From Above - It might be my favourite track from the Garage show.
    Mark, excellent news regarding Strays. As enticing as the new album itself.
    Is there a tracklist for Strays floating around yet?
    Keith says "Anyone else think that Two Minutes sounds like a cross between Parklife and Spacemen 3's Revolution?"

    Yes!! Great minds think alike!
    Actually I think moaning about the mailing list is more important than hearing a soon-to-be-officially-released song a little early ... how are we supposed to keep abreast of everything (and thereby swell Wire's coffers) if their mailing system doesn't work?

    And while I'm here, isn't saying that a Wire song sounds like a Bl*r song a bit like saying The Beatles sound like Oasis ?!? And if the song in question DOES sound like P*rkl*fe, then I hope it's an anomaly as far as the sound of the new album goes, because otherwise that'll make two crap Wire albums in a row!

    "And while I'm here, isn't saying that a Wire song sounds like a Bl*r song a bit like saying The Beatles sound like Oasis ?!?"

    i'd prob have to agree with hp on this! after all if the latter band is influenced by the earlier band, then if the earlier band (that are still going) make anything that sounds like the latter band, then they just sound like themselves anyway!

    i THINK that makes sense!!!!
    Yes, of course. Except it sounds like a particular Blur song. To me.

    Sure Blur had a bit of a Wire influence, but not a major one to my ears. Certainly not like Elastica. Or to the Beatles / Oasis degree. I certainly had never hear that Parklife (track) and thought they ripped it off Wire.

    It wasn't a criticism of Wire. It was just an observation that despite sounding quintessentially Wire, it reminded me of two songs, which is unusual when hearing a new Wire track. And if Macca released a new single that sounded like Wonderwall, I'd reserve the right to say so, no matter how ironic that might be.

    But I feel like a complete dork being dragged into explaining something as obvious as this TBH.
    think how we feel that you have lowered yerself to our level!