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    was your reply coated in as much irony as mine?
    No. Sugar.
    Hippriest sez:

    "And while I'm here, isn't saying that a Wire song sounds like a Bl*r song a bit like saying The Beatles sound like Oasis ?!? And if the song in question DOES sound like P*rkl*fe, then I hope it's an anomaly as far as the sound of the new album goes, because otherwise that'll make two crap Wire albums in a row!"

    There is a hint of the Phil Daniels spoken word thing from Parklife about Two Minutes, albeit submerged in visceral noise and general unease. It's a sort of evil, twisted version of Parklife but I'm certain Wire did not intend to ape Blur. I don't recall Damon Allbran singing about Cartoon ducks shitting on a village either.

    Perhaps you should just download the song for yourself and make your own mind up?

    Interestingly I played this to a non-fan of Wire the other night and didn't tell him who it was. He loved it and was quite taken by the energy and the 'ranting' vocal as he put it.

    It is essentially a filler track though, judging by the Garage show there are some far more substantial songs to come on the new record and I suspect we're in danger of over-analysing this rather odd choice of "single".
    I'd be surprised if Wire considered it a filler track. The notion seems abhorent. Surely they'd just release a shorter album.
    Believe me, it's not a filler trackā€”it makes perfect sense in the context of the album.
    Clay from the new LP was the second song on tonight's Marc Riley show on 6Music, it'll be on the iPlayer for the next 7 days:
    "Another Wire session would be nice, if anyone's listening." Subtle, Mr Riley!
    On the subject of sessions, will recordings of the 2000s Peel sessions (I think there were 2 or 3) ever get an official release? Does anyone have the audio?

    Have a read of this, quite an error-strewn piece ;-)
    Thanks for posting,

    I think my favourite bit is:

    "Focussing on the band's central four members - Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and Robert Grey - the band shunned guest stars."

    Call me picky but I counted three members.
    Who were the guest stars Wire 'shunned' who wanted to be on Red Barked Tree? We should be told. Was Chris Gentry from Menswear meant to be on it? Justine Elastica perhaps or maybe one of the other bands Wire were heavily influencing when they relaunched the band in 2006 (the golden age of Britpop) having done nothing since their mid 80s 'Synth Pop trilogy'.

    closely followed by

    "the four piece shunned those classic tracks in favour of new material which pushed back perceptions of what Wire could achieve."

    Can you actually 'push back perceptions?'

    I thought it was quite hard to get a job in Journalism these days?!
    'Object 47' was a lengthy, probing work...

    35 minutes, lengthy ?? Ha ! Not only has this person obviously not listened to it, they haven't even popped it in their CD player to see the running time...

    Inaccuracies aside, it's all useful publicity...
    The part where he says "the band shunned guest stars" appears to be a case of regurgitating the press release and reading too much into a comment in it:

    "Red Barked Tree was conceived, written and recorded mostly during 2010 by the pared-down line-up of Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and Robert Grey -- with no guests."
    Adapt was played on last night's Gideon Coe show on 6Music, 1hr 48mins in:
    wire live > first time for me last night @lexington ,WOW,
    and what were the trax? i`m guessin the new album was played, what other songs, i only reconised a couple from object and send < i think>
    such a great gig,cant wait for new album.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 18th 2010)
    re: "Two Minutes" - glad others felt it was underwhelming or at least puzzling as a "lead" track. But in a way I'm reassured, as I loved "One of Us" and then found the O47 album underwhelming.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 19th 2010)
    continuing on the theme of underwhelming or perhaps intentionally low-key -- is it odd that the upcoming new album only appears near the bottom of the pinkflag home page? Send and the bootleg series are more prominently featured--that is, they're featured. Yet the album is supposed to be published in a couple of weeks. I'm finding the approach to this record strangely muted (not a pun). I came here after a long time away because I had an inkling from the other list that a new album was approaching, although it wasn't plainly announced there either. Add the apparent non-use of the e-mail list (which I'm not on), and the scheme for the release seems strangely muddled.

    on the bright side, I listened several more times to "Two Minutes"--I wasn't sure if it was a joke before, or one of the many odds 'n' sods tracks in the Wire catalog that I'd missed--and am now getting it.
    seems to me to be in the correct place - under 'news'. As & when it's out, maybe they'll promote it to the top of the page (as they do with other current releases).

    Some1 else mentioned the email list not working, but i for one get updates.

    What's this 'other list' you mention?
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 19th 2010)
    hmm, maybe I just have a different expectation -- it's in the news but bumped down by word of the tour, and below ads for stuff like Send, the boots ... and Object 47! I'd have thought a set of new material is of wider interest than the boots and a rerelease of a 10-yr.-old album. (Granted, I haven't gotten my copies of those yet, and I'm now considering it... actually, that supports my point. It's news of the new album that brought me here.)

    the other list is the idealcopy listserv, occasionally referred to here, an unofficial but longer-term thing than the forum. But it's so parochial (mostly Brits arranging pre-gig meet-ups), I finally got the sense that everyone there was getting their main news about the band somewhere else. I had stopped checking in here for lack of time. IC goes to my mailbox but it's often off-topic at this point.
    i thought that had died?
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 19th 2010)
    nope... not completely.