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    let's hopoe it never does, though it is a bit anglo-centric.
    I hadn't noticed it was 'parochial' or 'anglo-centric' myself, but if it is and people like cc have a problem with that then why don't they post something interesting themselves?
    An announcement in the latest edition of The Wire has the Strays EP listed as a download. I might not have been concentrating but had assumed it was a physical object.

    Anybody know which it is?
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 20th 2010)
    maybe keith, but interesting discussion was not really what I was looking for, but news, as in the subject of this thread--the new album.
    Pages for the new album will be going up next week.
    cc, if you don't like "interesting discussion" you've come to the right place ;)
    Here's a question. The Download version is due to be available this month. I'd quite like a physical copy but I'd rather not wait till Jan 2011 to hear the new record. I wonder if its possible for those pre-ordering the CD to a Download version upon payment? (like Warp Records do with some of their releases)
    Your questions on strays will be answered in Monday's mailing Basically the deal is you can pre-order from Monday. Digital will be exclusively available from our mail order on 20th Dec (and some obscure music web shop run by apple :) however whether you pre-order physical or go direct for digital, which you can also pre-order, you get the strays as PHYSICAL product (a CD in a poly bag) & you can ONLY get it from our Mail Order. Once the initial pressing of 2000 is gone that's it*. We will just charge postage on all orders including "Strays" so it's fair for everyone.

    * we might release it as a digital item further down the line but not any time soon!
    Oh, it'll be just like trying to get Glasto tickets - only hopefully less frustrating!

    Just spotted Wire advert in today's Independent
    stephen, give us a link.......
    Is there any chance that we'll all get Monday's mailing? I gather I'm one of rather a few who haven't received recent mailings ...
    Just noticed that Wire were in the daily download section of NME recently.

    OK so lardy-jowelled bell-end Bob Crow might be holding London to ransom again today, temperatures may have dropped below zero, and Leslie Neilsen may have finally and tragically snuffed it, but it's not all Bad News Monday - Wire are back in the saddle and sent us a new track from their forthcoming album 'Red Barked Tree'. 'Two Minutes' is two minutes of classic Wire: jagged guitars, woodpecker drums, and random antogonistic statements that end with the cliffhanger "I'll you who I hate, on a daily basis...".'
    That'll be "I'll tell you who I hate on a daily basis". Tsk—those NME journos, eh?

    Full lyrics:

    Just what I need
    Shoot on Sight
    Leaking while you vote, four days left
    A dirty cartoon duck covers a village in shit
    Possibly signalling the end of Western civilisation
    As if I give a f——
    Evidently side tracked
    Positively indisposed
    Elevated by restitution
    And do you know what?
    Coffee is not a replacement for food or happiness
    The umbilical twangs
    In f and ecstasy
    In the ring, on the cut in 5 minutes
    Just what I need
    Wear your star with pride
    Shoot on sight
    Compose questions later
    Religious Vomit.

    Opera in the age of fragmentation
    Much Later

    I'll tell you who I hate on a daily basis

    (My favourite line is the opening one from Bad Worn Thing, though. Absolutely fantastic Grahamism.)
    Just received a Wire mailing (!!!) and have pre-ordered Red barked Trees, although Greedbag doesn't confirm that you've got STRAYS coming with your CD ... I think that information should be made clear, as I would hate to think I didn't make it into the first 2,000 orders ... but will it be first-come, first-served, or will they just dish 'em out in January in a pot luck fashion? We need to be told!

    STRAYS isn't too exciting: according to the blurb there has never been a studio release of German Shepherds, so I guess that the Peel version (on Coatings) and the genuine studio B-side (Silk Skin Paws) don't count. I can't see how the phantasmagorical IBTABA version could possibly be improved upon, but there you go. Underwater Experiences is there, as is (hooray) He Knows, but sadly no groovy new re-version of The Art Of Persistence. So what's left? Well, it wouldn't be a Wire release worth mentioning if it didn't contain Boiling Boy and this does indeed include a version of said song, albeit apparently radically reworked. Funnily enough, I was telling a friend just the other day how I have to make a mad rush for the skip button every time I hear the start of Boiling Boy ... surely it's time to put this one out to pasture? Never liked the damn thing to begin with ...

    Also it appears that the album comes with its own custom-made self-laudatory review ... you'll find it on the shop page ... it's full of big words, too: no doubt to distinguish Wire from the likes of Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs et al.

    Mind you, at least I know now who described the album 'as Wire's most diverse (and accomplished) for many years' ... it was Wire themselves! Those irrepressible old art-pranksters ...

    Anyway, fingers crossed that it's a good one and gets more plays chez me than the last one ...

    Further to my excessive epistle above: I need not have fretted about my Strays, as the nice Pinkflag/greedbag people confirmed almost immediately that they haven't all sold out yet so, yes, I'll be getting mine ... but you lot better hurry, just in case!
    Just ordered mine, so damn right I'm expecting Strays!

    It's fair to say that the self-professed internet music geek isn't that impressed with Two Minutes...

    PS Boiling Boy is one of my faves!
    "Mind you, at least I know now who described the album 'as Wire's most diverse (and accomplished) for many years' ... it was Wire themselves! Those irrepressible old art-pranksters ... "

    That said, it is accurate. This is a much better album than Object 47, more diverse and musically/lyrically interesting than Send-era Wire, and it gives much of the remaining a back catalogue a run for its money. I'm currently trying to decide whether it's my favourite Wire album of the lot, and there's not a duff track on there.

    As for Two Minutes, I kind of get why the band offered it for free (since it does in an odd way showcase part of the album's diverse direction), but Bad Worn Thing and Now Was would be my choice of singles. Both lodge themselves in your brain and refuse to leave.
    Blimey Hippriest you're never happy are you? ;)
    The new LP is the main event, Strays is a *free* CD and is a little extra treat for lets face it most of us here who will be pre-ordering. The Strays are new recordings, with Matt and Margaret, Judge it when you hear it. If you don't like it I'm sure someone who doesn't get one of the first 2000 will take it off your hands.

    Personally I can't wait to find out if they can finally nail a definitive 'Underwater Experiences'. Would be hard to beat the current live version which was the highlight of the Lexington gig for me.presses all the right Wire Buttons for's weird, its fast and slow at the same time, involves both Colin and Graham trading lines, and involves lots of *shouting* and noise.