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    "it's just a continuation of Object 47 with a couple of token noisier tracks, much of it sounding like rejects from A Bell Is A Cup."

    heh. Of course, from my perspective, that makes it sound like it's going to be a REALLY GOOD album.

    I can relate to not being impressed with an album at first blush - Manscape took a few listens to grow on me, though now I can't imagine my CD collection without it. I've also become used to having what I like about Wire not exactly match up with what other Wire fans like - particularly out "in the wild", as it were, where the majority of people touting Wire seem to be fixated on the first three albums, and everything from the 80s to the 90s is some kind of apocrypha...
    I like Manscape. I love the lyrics, enjoy many of the vocal performances, and appreciate many of the melodies and subtle electronic garnishes. But that said, it was produced and engineered extremely unimaginatively for the most part, and would have been far better served in that department by, for example, Paul Kendall or Daniel Miller himself at the mixing desk. And even so, I can enjoy the flaws, too.

    This sounds like a set-up, and while it is, it's less of one than you might think.

    I, too, sneaked a listen to Red Barked Tree, and while I will admit that the tone does, at time, feel overly consistent in certain songs (I could have been anywhere, if you know what I mean!), I found the overall experience to be quite a pleasant one. The production is not so overwhelmingly *thick* as on Object 47, and is more dynamic, hearkening back to Read & Burn 03 (which happens to be my second favourite Wire release). As per usual, the songs are quite excellent in and of themselves, although "A Flat Tent" is a definite highlight. It's a bit like the original version of "The Other Window", but less hyperactive and linear.

    Naturally, I'm buying this as soon as I can.
    Got a promo copy through the post today. Thats me staying tonight with the headphones on.
    If there are parallels to be drawn with 'R&B3' I'm more excited to hear the new album than I was, that EP was fantastic!
    I've listened about a dozen times now and I'm with Platzangst. (Not arguing I understand everyone's entitled to their own opinion.)

    if I was to create a playlist of my personal favorites from every previously released Wire recording including solo albums, it would sound something like this record only as all new songs. I'm pretty much a completist so that sampling would include all periods. To that end it sounds to my ears like a sister to the A-List, as a stand alone album.

    I enjoy the more obtuse dynamics of earlier recordings but what I needed right now is exactly what they delivered.
    Can Mr. Swimmer or anyone from PF HQ offer any info on the P-Vine release? Bonus tracks etc.
    Before I spend almost $60 with shipping I'd like to know what's different about it other than the Japanese label.
    Thanks, and see you in Toronto and Chicago.
    The p-vine release will be the same as the UK. US & Australian versions with only some changes in the label info. By way of clarification we have 2 licensees - P-Vine in Japan & Popfrenzy in Aus/NZ - the US version is slightly different but it will just be distributor info as it's still a pinkflag label release.
    Just downloaded the zip file. Sounds bloody good!! Nice work Wire.
    Anyone else with any comments? or did you all buy the cd?
    Once is not enough. This will get a good few plays this week... first impressions... I think this was the album I was expecting after R&B3. The title track is the acoustic new ground equivalent of 'You Hung Your Lights'. Loving it.

    Second play. Better than the first. Hypnotized.
    My Comments coming soon as I've only just 'put it on'.

    A confession.

    Having pre-ordered the RBT CD, having suggested that a download might be made available to CD purchasers a-la Warp Records and various others (it won't be), having bought the Bootleg series, having paid to see Wire twice in 2010 and already bought tickets for next year I felt that it I have put plenty of dosh into the Wire "pot" this year so I have no qualms in saying that rather that pay another £7 on top of what I've already paid for the CD to get the mp3 version I have 'acquired' the music through foul means so I can hear it now rather than wait until the CD arrives next year.
    Fair enough, apologies, i've been listening to the mp3's for a couple of weeks, got very excited by the flacs turning up today.
    Totally agree with the follow up to R&B3 comment. Object 47 almost sounds like demos in comparison to this. Obviously much more of a band album, more live takes, more live drums. My only gripe is i reckon the tracklisting could have been better, but it is great stuff in whatever order you play it.
    After a quick listen I can safely say that this is a massive step forward from Send and O47, that the best songs haven't been previewed at the recent gigs, and that a previous posters comment that "once you've heard the first 30 seconds or so, you've heard the song" is massively wrong!
    "a previous posters comment that "once you've heard the first 30 seconds or so, you've heard the song" is massively wrong"

    You're right, I meant to say 15 seconds ... ! (ho ho ho ... )
    For those that like that sort of thing, the lyrics are now online.
    Censoring naughty words in the lyrics? That's not very punk or art-punk.
    I know, but it's necessary to not get PF blocked by various inept filtering software programs.
    Has the download version been released? I have an order confirmation but didn't get any notice and it does not appear in my Greedbag.
    I enjoy the new record.
    Loving this album. I think the acoustic guitar work on Red Barked Trees is surprising and works great. What a beautiful song! Colin's voice never sounded more pure. The guitar work on this album is quite interesting, witness Smash. That stated, my runaway favorite at this time is Bad Worn Thing.

    P.S. Does anyone else hear A Question of Degree?