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    The title is pretty much self-explanatory. Several different websites mention saxophonist Kris Kershaw of George Gill's group The Bears as being a former member of Wire. I find this more than somewhat dubious, although I do remember reading in an excerpt of Kevin Eden's tome of how the group *preceding* Wire had a sax player... Their name currently escapes me. Over-something. Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate some answers here.
    I thought that was the name... *Resounding forehead slap.*
    Kris Kershaw aka Christian Paris.

    George and Ron West would go on to form Smarter & The Average Bears, before shortening it to The Bears, with another Watford Art School student, Martin ‘Cally’ Cameron on drums. The rest of the band comprised of Kris Kershaw (aka Christian Paris) - saxophone and Mick North on vocals.
    In September 1977 Mick North was killed on his motorbike and in January 1978 Sounds reported that George Gill and girlfriend were beaten up by hooligans because they were punks.
    In mid 1978 they recruited a new singer in the shape of John Entrails and released their debut single, “On Me” on Phil Smee’s (another Watford graduate) Waldo’s label gaining a record of the week in Sounds.
    It was this version of The Bears that also recorded “Fun, Fun Fun”, their contribution to the Farewell To The Roxy album, also released in 1978.
    In August 1978 Sounds reported that The Bears were splitting with Cally and Ron leaving to form The Screaming Ab Dabs and George reportedly as having "no plans for the future, but he is unlikely to continue playing music."
    Cally and Ron, in fact, had formed The Tea Set and went on to release the Cups And Saucers EP on Waldo’s label in 1978.
    [Cally had already recorded as Nigel Simpkins the Oblique Encounters EP for Waldo's. The Tea Set recorded their second single “Parry Thomas” also for Waldo’s. They would then go on to record two more singles; “Keep On Running (Big Noise From The Jungle)” for United Artists in July 1980 and “South Pacific” for Demon in 1981.]
    The following week Sounds revealed that The Bears were carrying on. George and John remained and were joined by Ritchie on Drums, Sissy on Sax, John on Harmonica and Mystery Man on Bass.
    In November 1978 they released their single “Insane” on Good Vibrations records. They continued gigging until mid-1979 and briefly reformed in 1986.
    Ron West as in Frequency Variation by Bruce Gilbert & Ron West?
    Yes, that Ron West. Gilbert was also in Overload, as far as I can recall. Apparently, they were quite hard on the ears (little "skill" at this point) but one hell of a spectacle. Wasn't Angela Conway involved, too?

    My real question, at its core, was whether Kris/Christian was actually involved in Overload at any point, although Kevin's information regarding the other members of The Bears is nonetheless very enlightening for a number of reasons. Ron West's involvement, in particular, is a fascinating tidbit that I'd not previously been privy to.

    Speaking of vanishing sax players, who exactly was that fellow accompanying Wire at the Electric Ballroom happening? While I am quite aware that Graham played saxophone for Wire and Dome from 1979 to 1983-ish (perhaps on "Former Airline"...?!), he is clearly playing bass on several songs wherein there is, in edition to guitars and drums, either a sax or some kind of synth (BOTH?!?!) splattering all kinds of wild tonal debris about...
    The sax player at Electric Ballroom is credited to David Quinn. I have trawled the internet trying to find a suitable candidate and their musical background but no-one pops up.
    Any clues from Graham or Colin?
    I didn't know Graham played saxophone at all. I had presumed it was Ted Milton on the Wire recordings (Former Airline, Crazy About Love, etc) and Daniel Miller on the Dome stuff (Jasz, etc)
    Graham plays sax also on A Panamanian Craze on 'Turns and Strokes'