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    Thought it might be an idea to start a list of concerts seen/to be seen this year by members of this forum, so I'll kick it off:
    Monday Night I'm off to see Lou Reed, they say he's currently 'on form', last time I saw him was 34 years ago.
    June 10 going to see Modest Mouse/REM and August 8 I'm off to see Wilco for the 3rd or 4th time in recent years..
    Hoping, of course, to add Wire to the list.
    I will see the Dresden Dolls in Albuquerque next month.
    Hi Ari, hope you enjoy the Lou show. Whilst I think he's great, I would personally have hoped for more than he has recently been offering. The recent D.C. show of April 22nd ran for a little under 90 minutes (including the encore) with a (tiny) 12 song setlist - Mad / Sweet Jane / I'm Set Free / Ecstasy / I'm Sticking with You / Power of the Heart / I wanna Know / Halloween Parade / Video Violence / Guardian Angel / Magic and Loss / Perfect Day

    You could argue that Loue Reed for 90 minutes (on top form) is better than no Lou Reed at all, but personally I would want a bit more for my £70 ($140)!
    I'm in the sticks and choices are limited, so... Blue Oyster Cult in May, X in June (both in Santa Fe). Drove to Denver last month for Carbon/Silicon (Bluebird Theater- site of Wire's 2002 tour opener); they were alright.

    I did see Lou Reed 2 summers ago at the Santa Fe Opera House. Excellent show in a superb venue.
    well Lou musta enjoyed himself, he played from 7:45 - 9.55, Carol and I were in the 2nd row, one could almost touch him, half way through folk were calling out what they wanted him to play as he was 'strumming' into the next number, I shouted out ''everything', he stopped playing and, turning to the band said, now there's an idea, we could do everything, we could start at '67 and work through to now- the Lou Reed Marathon............he then went into 'Sweet Jane'.He was in a very good mood, and had constant rapport with the crowd, which, as one might expect, consisted of many in their 60's and 70's and teens as well. A
    Sounds like a fantastic show Ari - wish I could have been there. He must be getting into his groove, playing the longer show.
    My show schedule for the immediate future...
    Radiohead - May 8, Atlanta
    She Wants Revenge/Be Your Own Pet - May 23, Atlanta
    Ladytron - June 13, Atlanta
    The Cure - June 15, Atlanta
    The Cure - June 16, Charlotte
    R.E.M./Modest Mouse/The National - June 21 - Atlanta

    Hopefully, a Wire show in the fall will happen. I'm also hoping to see the "Regeneration Tour" (The Human League, ABC, A Flock Of Seagulls, Belinda Carlisle, Naked Eyes) in August...retro theme obvious, but I've always wanted to see The Human League in concert.

    Frivolous for me to be driving up to Charlotte, NC to see The Cure the night after I'm seeing them in Atlanta, but The Cure have been my favorite band since early adolescence and, given Smith's propencity for delays, who knows when I'll get a chance to see them again after this tour? I've seen them three times in my life and these two shows will make for a good odd five total.
    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds just announced the North American tour dates - I may catch one of the shows if it is convenient and travel costs can be kept to a minimum.
    I'll be seeing Lou on Friday night, in Nashville. Looking forward to it! Oddly enough, the last time I saw him was in Seattle--a little more than a week before I caught Wire at the Showbox.
    I've got lots...
    Wire - tomorrow!, Manchester
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Monday, Birmingham
    The Manhattan Love Suicides - 10th of May, London
    The Heritage Orchestra doing Blade Runner Score (Meltdown Festival) - 17th of June, London
    Gang Of Four (Meltdown Festival) - 20th of June, London
    My Bloody Valentine - 28th of June, Manchester
    Underage Festival (i'm going really just to see The Horrors again) - August 3rd, London
    Echo & The Bunnymen doing Ocean Rain - 16th of September, London
    Killing Joke (Original Line-up!!!!!!) doing the first 2 albums - 3rd of October, London

    Shows I will likely go to but haven't bought tickets...
    B-52's - 27th of July, Birmingham
    Secret Affair - 13th of September, London
    The Stranglers - 23rd of October, Birmingham
    Nouvelle Vague - 25th of November, Wolverhampton (my birthday)

    I want to see Lou Reed but the tickets for his shows are insanely priced
    That's a fantastic list Ian - The Heritage Orchestra doing Blade Runner Score sounds very interesting indeed. The Stranglers are one of my favourite groups, though I prefer the original line-up of course (with Hugh Cornwell).

    I agree with you on the price of the Lou Reed tickets - they are way over-priced, but that's down to the UK venues rather than Lou himself - he's far easier on the pocket if you live in the States!
    Lou was great! Lots of blistering lead guitar work from Steve Hunter, a couple of rarely-played VU numbers ('I'm Set Free' and 'I'm Sticking With You'), one new song, and two encores after an already very satisfying ninety-minute set.
    Bloody 'ell Ian, you win the pools or sumat? how much were the Lou Reed tickets? mine were $55 and we sat in the 2nd row( it helps to count the ticket office manager as a friend) (but they weren't discounted)a few on your list I'd love to see, inc. Wire and G4, whom I had to miss last time they were in Chapel Hill as I was (literally) radioactive at the time.
    Just scored a couple of tickets to "Regeneration Tour" (The Human League, ABC, A Flock Of Seagulls, Belinda Carlisle, Naked Eyes) here in Atlanta. Mainly for The Human League, but I'm pretty much an enthusiastic listener of all of the above.

    I've heard The Human League mentioned on here in the past. Has anyone seen recent Human League shows? How are they holding up these days onstage?
    so far - Kills (ok), Neil Young (brilliant), Gary Numan (better than i anticiapated, but disth the instrumentals!), Only Ones (Peter Perrett looks ILL!), Black Keys (oustanding), Einsturzende Neubauten (surpisingly good), Tindersticks (oh, those CELLO's!), Richard Thompson (acoustic & magical storytelling).

    soon - Black Keys, Dirtbombs (garge rock + soul + 2 drummers + 2 bassists = well, i dunno, seeing 'em for 1st time at ULU next week), Paul Weller (1st time since Jam days). hopefully many more to come!
    I saw the Human League about 12 months ago and I'd put it up there in my top 5 gigs. They did their greatest hits package really but they'd given it a bit more of a modern sheen. I know that sounds a bit cheesey (when did the Human League not sound cheesey anyway????) but it worked. If you seen them you'll soon find out one of the "girl" very definately can't sing.

    Most recently I've seen Hot Chip in Wolverhampton (I wish they'd make their records in the same way they play them live, as a band) and Ben Otway and Tom Grey from Gomez at the tiny room at the Glee Club in Birmingham which was ideal for the music they were playing at the time. Nothing on the horizon just yet but you never know.
    "when did the Human League not sound cheesey anyway?"
    Before those two girls showed up and ruined everything.
    The Human League are gonna tour with Heaven 17 & 'another band of their ilk', but 4 the life of me i can't remember the 3rd band. i'm almost tempted!
    "Before those two girls showed up and ruined everything."

    I agree with Craig on that. :-)
    I agree in reason, a few of the singles with the girls are ok but that's all