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    Chaps. I see your UK & European dates are slowly filtering through on various ticket agency sites - can you not announce them all? Really like to know as we'd like to go to Brussels or Amsterdam, but if you're not playing there we'll go to Dublin & we don't want the Dublin gig to sell out, as they've been on sale since Tuesday & I've no idea how big the venue is & if it's likely to sell out in a hurry!!!!

    C'mon guys - put us out of our misery!!
    Yeah, thought it might have been announced on here first rather than Tix agency,s. But they may have jumped the gun before Wire could announce it themselves.
    Well firstly, the EU tour is not completely locked down & secondly HOW this kind of information is announced is part of how we promote it. Magazines and larger websites are more likely to carry an announcement of a long list of dates than they will part tours announced as the tickets go on sale. There are also certain festivals and venues that want to announce themselves so in some cases we actually can't announce a whole tour because certain dates are sensitive.
    If any1 hears about a Brussels date, per-lease let me know! An Amsterdam date has been sneaked out!!!!!!
    London, Nottingham, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Rimini, Roma, Z├╝rich...these are the ones i've seen announced until now (but i guess there'll be more).
    Just booked my Tixs for Glasgow. Their playing King Tuts Wah Wah Club.
    Hopefully another Leeds gig?
    Oslo as well, apparently. looks like it's going to be a long tour this time.
    i guess dates will be soon confirmed officially here on, but if you can't wait here's a first list
    the mexican date is another band with the same name i guess, the others match what has been announced in various other places so should be the rights ones.
    Even that's not complete! If they've missed Amsterdam 14/2, they've missed others!
    sure, they missed Amsterdam and they missed Brussels and a few more. but it's the most complete out there till now.
    oh, sorry. forgot you had asked about the Brussels date:
    I would be very cautious about anything you read on Songkick, it quite often has misleading and erroneous entries for gigs or gets confused with other bands with the word 'Wire' in the title. Indeed for a while it was telling me Wire were playing Manchester this month, when what actually was happening was some band called 'Fighting With Wire' are supporting Helmet.
    Unless it's someone actually fighting with Wire, if so my money is on Graham Lewis, the Geordie lad looks a bit handy.
    there's so many bands out there with the word wire in the name that a double check on the homepage of the venue is certainly a good idea rather than buying the ticket directly through songkick. a couple of dates might be wrong (the mexican one certainly is). and they're listed for bristol on both the 4th and 10th of february which i can hardly imagine.
    i just take this as a first indication to help my plans, and the dates i'm interested in have proved to be right after double check with the venues.
    The just-announced Manchester gig is listed at being at The Deaf Institute, but the site linked to lists it as The Roadhouse. Could someone clarify which it is, please?
    Please Wire, Add a date in Gothenburg...

    You have a couple of days after Norway, before Stockholm.
    It would be great if you could make it. Gothenburg is very often passed
    by for Malmoe and Stockholm. Hope to see you in Gothenburg..
    no date in Vienna Austria I see?