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    Great news for us midlands based fans. Also had a great chat and drink with Colin, Robert & Graham for well over an hour the last time they played the Rescue Rooms on the Object 47 tour a couple of years ago. Top blokes. Should be a good start to the 2011 with new material on the horizon as well.
    I know it's not appeared on the official live schedule yet but I purchased a ticket today for this gig direct from the venue. £14 face value (no booking fee if you pay cash). Happy New Year!
    I'll be going to this.
    Thoroughly enjoyed last nights show in Nottingham. Would go as far as saying it's in my top 3 wire gigs. Good set list delivered with more vigour than I've seen in a long time. Gig highlights for me were Advantage, Two People, Red Barked Tree and Pink Flag. Thought Matt added more to the sound than Margaret did on the last tour. Shame about his amp blowing up during Spent as it affected the momentum of the gig. Quite audience but a good turnout. Nice to have a drink and chat with Graham after the show. I'm sure he mentioned that there may be some more DOME material in the offing which would be good. Overall a great night and it appears that Wire have their attitude back!
    Yes. Great gig last night. Nice to meet up with Paul Rabjohn & Mixtil ? who is heading for Manchester. Shame about equipment failure & Colin's mike stand ! Quiet crowd but packed & Madensuyu well recommended. Don't stay in the bar!
    The boys did not seem over happy & there was venom. Great stuff.
    Glad to see that I'm not the only person on here who (i) went to the Nottingham show, (ii) thought Wire played a blinder - possibly the best show I've seen them play actually! Shame about the exploding amp, it certainly didn't ruin the gig for me (or most folk by the look of it). Point of interest: Nottingham audiences ARE notoriously quiet - but we're just CONCENTRATING, okay?

    P.S. "Kidney Bingos" sounded wonderful btw.
    Leicester is only just down the road if they fancy popping in next time, for those of us who reside nearby (me duck!)
    Shame about equipment failure & Colin's mike stand !

    Colin may have to invest in a new mike stand. It slipped a couple of times in Glasgow. Fortunately not at crucial moments...that would have been comical tho... SPENT SPENT SPENT SPENT spe oops!