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    There I was toiling away hard at work, I must add I work at a London Underground station, when I recognised someone walking past my window. He looked very familiar even though he was wearing a woolly hat and was hiding his head so to speak. So i called ' excuse me Sir' to him and asked him to come to the window. He looked very perplexed and wondered what he had done wrong. I then asked 'are you Robert?? ' and he said yes but looked even more perplexed as you would. I then explained I would see him at the Lexington next Monday and also at the Scala in the second part of the 'Wire tour of Pentonville Rd ' in February. He thanked me and went on his merry way. And now I shall return to more hard work of course....................
    Many years ago a friend of mine was living in Southfields and said to me 'there's this strange bloke, a musician, who lives down the corridor from us... in a punk band I think, Colin.... oh, what's his name... Newman I think'. I said 'he's the Wire bloke' and he said 'never heard of them'. I'm still none the wiser as to whether it actually was him. Did CN live in Southfields at some stage?
    Wierd as I work at Southfields tube station !!!! Never seen Colin in 12 years but I see John Otway occasionally,and Robert last week obviously..
    >>Did CN live in Southfields at some stage? <<

    He still does...
    Lovely, cordial gentlemen. All of them. Well, haven't met Margaret but she isn't exactly a 'gentlemen' eh? Nonetheless, I bet she's cool as well.
    I met and ate crisps with Margaret after the Leeds show a couple of years back and you're right
    anyone know where she's 'headed' now she's no longer with wire?