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    Heard the Blue Aeroplane,s doing Outdoor miner.
    Really enjoyed it. Must be quite a lot out there?
    REM did a half decent version of Strange on their 1987 album Document.
    Andrew's Wire Page had a list maintained until about 2000:

    There are loads of others though, not least all those on Whore.
    Thanks for that Craig. I thought I was a pretty big U2 fan, but I have to admit I didn't know they had covered Mannequin! If anyone knows where I might track down such a performance I'd be most grateful.
    Last I knew, no-one could find it. Allegedly, some U2 website owner had a copy, but wasn't willing to share.
    Seen Andrew,s pages before, they are excellent.
    Why hasn,t he updated them since 2000?? It was a great source of info.
    There's a cd called "A Houseguest's Wish" that contains 19 covers of Outdoor Miner
    "Why hasn,t he updated them since 2000?? It was a great source of info."

    Andrew quit updating The Wire Page around the time his college course came to an end. The only reason the site's still up is because his ex-college isn't particularly vigilant in wiping its servers. Most of the content of Andrew's site was (with his blessing) bundled into Wireviews (hence 'Wireviews incorporates The Wire Page'), although that site's also effectively dead now (but will stay online for the foreseeable).

    My review of A Houseguest's Wish: - I guess I was in a very good mood that day.
    There's a new version of 'Used To' by School of Seven Bells (founded by Secret Machines' ex-guitarist) on their myspace site -
    My mam's band Half Blind would do Ex-Lion Tamer every show
    the lightning seeds did a pretty good version of 'outdoor miner'... think it was a b-side. suited ian broudie's vocals well.
    Don't think I'd heard this one before.
    They, er, really put their own stamp on it didn't they?
    Yes. It was barely recognisable, wasn't it?

    ; )
    Klonhertz - Three Girl Rhumba
    Please don't laugh....

    Me in my loft (hence the constrained "I hope the neighbours don't hear this" vocals)

    My 7 year old son

    I'll get me coat!
    i don't think i've heard any - & i don't think i want to!!! akin to be sacrilegious!

    i always think that the whole point of recording a cover version is to remake it totally differently than the original. thus if someone covered a Wire track, which are all pretty much 'out there', it would just become a boring pop song - which i doubt many of us on here like!

    If you know/can find somewhere John Cale's version of Heartbreak Hotel, that's a perfect example of a great cover! it sounds absolutely sfa like the original. excellent!!
    "....although that site's also effectively dead now (but will stay online for the foreseeable)"

    Won't the site be coming out of hiatus to review the upcoming release/s, live shows etc?
    Probably not. Wireviews filled a gap when there was no official Wire presence online, but it not only cost me a lot of time, but also a lot of money over the years. Aside from a few months when Kevin Eden supplied the news, I never really had any help on the site either, and outside content (live reviews) totally dried up after Githead's 2004 gig.

    These days, I can't really justify spending any time on it. The only reason it's still online at all is because some of its content can't be easily found elsewhere (lyrics for Wire member solo projects, etc.), and some gig reviews. If I review Object 47 (which is somewhat unlikely, because I think I'm a bit close to it all now), it'll end up on and if I win the lottery, I'll likely have a change of heart and reboot Wireviews in glorious funk-o-vision.
    The mighty Mike Watt + The Missingmen do rip-roaring versions of Three Girl Rhumba and Ex-Lion Tamer.