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    As mentioned 12XU by Serious Drinking is superb.

    'Saw you in the offy ,buying a crate'

    Caught you offside ,caught you offside,caught you offside, 12XU'.

    I thought this was somewhere between charming and adorable.
    And some of them even learnt the words! Brilliant. Chorus!
    The intro to Wir's "Take It (For Greedy)" and Wire's "Strange" sound quite similar (the former is slightly faster). A bit of recycling.
    And the lyrics that Colin sings in "Take It (LFO Remix)" bear more than a passing resemblance to the '77 Wire track "New York City"
    I haven't heard "New York City" but I will (provisionally) take your word for it :-) I think everyone repeats themselves to a greater or lesser degree (and Wire would be very much the latter), whether consciously or subconsciously.
    "New York City" only gained official release via the Live At The Roxy concerts - one version on "Behind The Curtain" and then both live tracks on the Roxy/CBGB live CD. I would take an educated guess that the use of the lyrics in "Take It (LFO Remix) were definitely a conscious decision. :-)
    Thanks for the information and I'm sure you're right re the (re)use of the lyrics in the remix :)
    I once picked up a bootleg tape of early U2 singles and rarities in Dublin which featured their cover of "Mannequin", it wasn't too bad as I recall, first thought it was an original U2 composition until I got wise to the id of the true progenitors. That tape may still be lurking somewhere, in the shadowy corners of my old bedroom; must have a rummage next time I'm home...