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    Upcoming Wire gigs

    * Jan 11: Rough Trade East, London, UK INSTORE
    * Jan 15: Kings Arms, Auckland, New Zealand Book tickets
    * Jan 19: Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia Book tickets
    * Jan 20: Beck's Festival Bar, Sydney, Australia Book tickets
    * Jan 21 & 23: Moma Fona Festival, Hobart, Australia FREE ENTRY
    * Jan 25: The Bakery, Perth, Australia Book tickets
    * Feb 01: Komedia, Brighton, UK Book tickets
    * Feb 02: The Scala, London, UK Book tickets
    * Feb 03: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK Book tickets
    * Feb 04: Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK Book tickets
    * Feb 05: Academy 2, Dublin, Eire Book tickets
    * Feb 06: Spring & Airbrake, Belfast, UK Book tickets
    * Feb 08: Caberat Voltaire, Edinburgh, UK Book tickets
    * Feb 09: King Tuts, Glasgow, UK Book tickets
    * Feb 10: The Fleece, Bristol, UK Book tickets
    * Feb 11: Botanique, Brussels, Belgium Book tickets
    * Feb 12: Point Ephemere, Paris, France Book tickets
    * Feb 14: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands Book tickets
    * Feb 17: Moby Dick, Madrid, Spain Book tickets
    * Feb 18: Sala Apolo 2, Barcelona, Spain Book tickets
    * Feb 19: Velvet, Rimini, Italy Book tickets
    * Feb 21: Circolo Degli Arti, Rome, Italy Book tickets
    * Feb 22: Live Club, Milan, Italy Book tickets
    * Feb 23: Abart, Zurich, Switzerland Book tickets
    * Feb 24: Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland Book tickets
    * Feb 25: Atomic Cafe, Munich, Germany Book tickets
    * Feb 26: Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany Book tickets
    * Feb 28: Luxor, Koln, Germany Book tickets
    * Mar 01: Knust, Hamburg, Germany Book tickets
    * Mar 02: Debaser, Malmo, Sweden Book tickets
    * Mar 03: John Dee, Oslo, Norway Book tickets
    * Mar 04: Blaest, Trondheim, Norway Book tickets
    * Mar 05: Garage, Bergen, Norway Book tickets
    * Mar 08: Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden Book tickets
    * Mar 09: Little Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark Book tickets
    * Apr 01: Lee's Palace, Toronto, Canada Book tickets
    * Apr 02: Le Cabaret du Mile End, Montreal, Canada Book tickets
    * Apr 03: Middle East Downstairs, Boston, USA Book tickets
    * Apr 05: Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA Book tickets
    * Apr 06: Bowery Ballroom, NYC, USA Book tickets
    * Apr 07: Black Cat, Washington DC, USA Book tickets
    * Apr 08: Mohawk, Austin, USA Book tickets
    * Apr 09: Metro, Chicago, USA Book tickets
    * Apr 12: Dante's, Portland, USA Book tickets
    I hope you can get to one, Ari
    Depends if I can find someone local to take me, can't drive that far without a driving license, can't fly without i.d, can't even get a frakkin' train, anyone live near Chapel Hill that could give me a lift to the D.C Gig?
    Beautiful! I have time to whore my body out enough to make tickets and airfare.
    just gotta talk my mates into liking Wire (30 years too late!) & we'll have a jolly-up somewhere!
    Gotta be Coachella...
    According to the link the Manchester gig is at Roadhouse NOT the Deaf Institute. Having checked Deaf Institute site they do not have Wire booked for 4th February.

    Can someone please confirm above is correct?

    Two shows in Londinium within 4 weeks ,one of which is FREE, gratis, on the house.....yippee !
    for those that don't know (& I didn't), the only way yer gonna get access to the RT gig is to purchase the lp from them. that way you get a wristband to permit access to the store. I'll prob buy direct from PF/Greedbag, so my only route to this partic gig will be if my mate's mate at RT comes through!!! anyhow they're only gonna do 20 mins or so! I shan't lose sleep if i miss it!
    Excellent! There was almost no talk of N American dates until now and I was starting to get very nervous...
    I have tickets for the Manchester gig which according to Ticketline is at the Roadhouse. The Deaf Institute is a bit bigger and has a raised/seated area at the back, better sightlines and nice selection of fine ales and beers. The Roadhouse is more yer traditional Indie circuit venue with low ceiling, sticky floors and (if it is full), not much view of the band unless you are in the front few rows. I was in there a few days ago and they have smartened the place up a bit recently though. Both venues are intimate and have really good sound systems so whichever way it goes it will be loud and clear and in yr face!
    Thanks for getting yourselves to Perth!

    Oh yaaaaayyyyy!

    I come out of lurk mode every time Wire come to Australia.

    So for the second time......

    Already got a ticket to Sydney- I spotted the **tiniest** mention of a gig in the local street press, at the Sydney Festival. at the "Becks" Festival Bar (as in the beer???) today. Oh 'tis a shame to be in Australia - I have only met ONE person who even recognises Wire, oh well.... I now have 180 Wire 'artifacts' (records, cds, cassettes blah blah blah)

    I used planes, trains and automobiles to go to all three Wire Australian gigs in 2004 Wire's only visit here previously.... I still have some photos from then, lost in cyberspace at: ENJOY! I will have to start planning to get to a couple of other oz gigs.

    Colin you are welcome to steal a few of the photo gallery for pinkflag! I have no idea how to retrieve them but!

    "Phillip from Australia"...

    Dancing girls invade stage ! Ha ! I'd forgotten about them... our lads must've been mortified...
    Hi Fergus

    I think the boys were chuffed- better than groupie/stalker late 40 something blokes like me.....
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 19th 2010 edited)
    nice pics Phillip
    No date in Vienna, Austria I see :(
    any news on a San Francisco, CA show on the tour?

    Thanks -
    Just Paris in France? It was so great in Lyon last time...
    Wire go where Wire's invited, as far as I know. If you live somewhere and want a Wire gig, hassle your local venues.