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    Rough Trade videos

    Link is to a playlist of the 11 songs I filmed.

    Please, if the band want these removed, just let me know and I will take them down.

    thanks for this. watching it quickly as long as it's there..
    i like the red barked tree rendition.
    bad worn thing needs to be rehearsed a bit more, if i'm not wrong ? :)
    Wow thanks epidemic27,
    I was going to ask if anyone had a setlist but this great quality sound and vision will do just fine!

    The band seem to be cool with Youtube clips of live stuff to the point of posting links on here themselves, so I'm sure these can, and should stay for us all to enjoy. Thanks!
    I doubt the band will mind, but if I hear from them I'll let you know. I suspect that video collection will be more likely to make people think "I have to go and see that" rather than "well, I don't need to bother going to a gig now".
    Re: SF show -

    I sent an e-mail to Great American Music Hall and to Billions. I can't really find the
    booking info for The Fillmore since they're Live Nation. Not sure how to get in contact
    with that media beast...

    Here's to hoping...
    Nevermind! Wire's playing at Slim's in San Francisco on April 17th.
    Just bought a ticket for the Manchester gig. Took my eye off the ball mid-process and didn't notice that 'cancellation cover' is a box you have to untick! Sneaky!!

    So a £14 ticket has cost me £17.90

    Ticket agents...don't you just love 'em
    that's about the going 'fee' rate. Fleecing bastards!
    I think you should cancel now, Ian, just to get your moneys worth! ; )
    you bastards are getting creamed these days in merry old england! no box office sales? at least in nyc there are still tons of shows w no fees. Bargain of the year has to be the 2 WIRE shows (april) at 20 bucks a pop. smart move as I expect a lot of young kids to attend at that price.

    Gang of Four next month ( $32). Can they still burn it down? killer show about 4-5 years ago last time I saw them.
    G04 still kick ass live. Saw 'em last year doing Entertainment! plus a bundle of other trax & they were great - well worth yer $32. I am GUTTED that they're playing Heaven (tiny club) the same night Wire play Scala (a slightly larger club).

    Pre-ordered Content yesterday - no vial of blood for me tho'!
    Unfortunately I won't get to see the band this time - due to illness I'm pretty much housebound for the forseeable future. I am totally pissed off that I will miss all the fun, but eternally grateful for an awesome album.

    I really do hope that everyone enjoys the shows and that they will give their honest and frank opinions after each event. I really enjoy reading about the gigs that I would have loved to have been at and I hope everyone will share their experiences and thoughts, including the members of Wire themselves.

    Enjoy the Wire shows people - Wire are like no other group on earth - each show is a special event!
    Get well soon Madman & check the last page of RBT thread for a recent set list!
    Keith - I was going to do that gag too - although in my version it was 'I hope the gig gets cancelled so I don't lose out'; but I thought that would put the mockers on it. Buit there, I've gone and done it. English winter paralysis ahoy!
    Coachella April 16th.
    Great minds and all that, Ian! Maybe see ya at the Mcr gig!
    I know I am launching a call in the desert... But will there be a pre-gig-meeting for fans in Zurich on Feb. 23rd?
    A hello to "Viennawire": Pity you don't get a concert at your city. Will think of you honestly.
    Gutted the lads aren't coming back to Atlanta for this tour... Mrs taoyoyo and I even looked at flying to either Chicago or Austin but the funds just ain't there.

    Living in the US sure is different to the 'Should we go to the Brighton or London date?' discussions I used to have in Blighty!
    Opinion Poll:

    I'm going to the Toronto and Boston shows.

    I've been seriously contemplating heading down to NY for at least one of the shows there - maybe both.

    So. If money was OK, you could get the time off, no other impediments - would those who have seen past shows on this tour go to 3 or 4 venues if they could?

    I only went to one show on the O47 tour and have been kicking myself ever since.
    "I've been seriously contemplating heading down to NY for at least one of the shows there - maybe both"

    how often do Wire come around? $20 per tkt. both the Bowery and WHoM have excellent sound systems. compare it to the cost of a Broadway show or the Eagles or the Stones. it's a No Brainer!