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    Oops - I bought a ticket for both shows, but can't in fact make it to the Brooklyn show.

    Extra ticket for Brooklyn for whomever wants it. I don't have it in hand yet - it's in the mail - but will gladly forward it on to someone who will use it. I'm not going to require anything in return as that sets up an uncomfortable situation, but "donation in kind" always accepted and appreciated!

    If you want it whisper back and we'll work something out. I'll edit this post once it's claimed.
    Great gig in Zurich, thanks for the visit.
    Setlist: Smash, Advantage In Height, Comet, Please Take, Red Barked Tree, Kidney Bingos, Clay, Bad Worn Thing, Moreover, Two People In A Room, 106 Beats That, Boiling Boy, Spent, Down to this, Drill, Underwater Experiences. Encore: Adapt, Pink Flag
    I heard that Wire will be performing on Late night with Jimmy Fallon in April....can anyone confirm??

    true ? not true ?
    i have no clue what late night with jimmy fallon is. is it big ?
    Yeah. It's pretty big. I hope its true.
    Hey, any Chicago WIRE fans going to meet up at the local pub before the gig again?
    2nd April, Australian TV, Guest presenters -

    Wire Playlist:

    APHEX TWIN Windowlicker (Warner)
    MGMT Kids (Sony)


    GRANDADDY Now It's On (Fest/Mush)
    HAPPY MONDAYS Step On (Festival)
    DEVO Jocko Homo (Warner)
    WHALE Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe (Virgin)
    BJORK All Is Full Of Love (Universal (MCA))
    THE BREEDERS Cannonball (Shock)
    THE GO! TEAM Bottle Rocket (Shock)


    A CAMP I Can Buy You (Universal)
    LAIKA Almost Sleeping (Shock)
    GRACE JONES Slave To The Rhythm (EMI)
    LA ROUX Bulletproof (Universal)
    LADYTRON Playgirl (Inertia)
    KATE BUSH Wuthering Heights (EMI)
    KRAFTWERK Aerodynamik (EMI)


    KRAFTWERK Tour De France 2003 (EMI)
    KRAFTWERK Autobahn (EMI)
    INNER CITY Good Life (Festival)
    THE KLF Justified & Ancient (Mushroom)
    RUN DMC What's It All About (Polydor)
    TRICKY Black Steel (Mercury)
    JIMI HENDRIX All Along The Watchtower (Polydor)


    CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Ice Cream For Crow (Virgin)
    THE NOTWIST Pick Up The Phone (Inertia)
    THE LIARS Mr You're On Fire Mr (Virgin)
    BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB Spread Your Love (Virgin)
    GITHEAD Take Off (Swim)
    PULP Common People (Mercury)
    THE STREETS Let's Push Things Forward (Warner)


    TONE LOC Funky Cold Medina (Festival)
    APHEX TWIN Come To Daddy (Warner)
    APHEX TWIN On (Warner)
    APHEX TWIN Donkey Rhubarb (Warner)
    THE XX Basic Space (Remote Control)
    EMILIANA TORRINI Sunny Road (Shock)
    THIS MORTAL COIL Song To The Siren (Virgin)
    AIR Cherry Blossom Girl (Virgin)


    THE FLYING LIZARDS Money (That's What I Want) (BMG)
    LCD SOUNDSYSTEM Daft Punk Is Playing at My House (EMI)
    THE KNIFE Silent Shout (MOS/EMI)
    TECHNOTRONIC Pump Up The Jam (BMG)
    LFO LFO (Inertia)
    GROOVE ARMADA Superstylin' (Jive/Zomba)
    HOUSE OF PAIN Jump Around (Mushroom)


    SCOUT NIBLETT Kiss (Remote Control)
    THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN Just Like Honey (Warner)
    DAVID BOWIE China Girl (EMI)
    DAFT PUNK Around The World (Virgin)
    CHICKS ON SPEED We Don't Play Guitars (Virgin)
    CANNED HEAT On The Road Again (Warner)


    DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH? Epic Last Song (Virgin)
    HOLY FUCK Super Inuit (Remote Control)
    MCLUSKY To Hell With Good Intentions (Shock)
    AC/DC Highway To Hell (Albert Productions)
    QUEEN I Want To Break Free (EMI)
    SQUAREPUSHER Come On My Selector (MDS)
    AT THE DRIVE-IN One Armed Scissor (Virgin)


    ATHLETE You Got The Style (EMI)
    TALK TALK Life's What You Make It (EMI)
    TRIO Da Da Da (EMI)
    ALABAMA 3 Woke Up This Morning (Sony)
    JOHN LEE HOOKER Boom Boom (Virgin)
    JEFF BUCKLEY - IN CONCERT Hallelujah (Sony)
    WIRE Adapt (Pinkflag)


    WIRE First Fast (Independent)
    WIRE In The Art Of Stopping (Independent)
    WIRE A Question Of Degree (Independent)
    WIRE Heartbeat (Independent)
    WIRE Two Minutes (Pinkflag)
    WIR So And Slow It Grows (Independent)
    GITHEAD Drive By (Swim)
    GITHEAD Drop (Swim)
    I'll be in Toronto tonight with a bunch of friends and my brother.

    Anyone have a setlist for the NA shows?
    Lovely show last night in Toronto. Drove in from Ann Arbor, MI. I won't remember the whole set list but there were two encores and they played most of RBT and the songs on Strays plus some of the usual suspects like a stellar version of Drill. Map Ref was also a nice treat that I haven't seen live before. I was standing right in front of the sound board in the sweet spot of the venue sound wise. No complaints really, Graham told the sound guy a half a dozen times he need either his monitor or vocal levels up and Matt's guitar seemed a little light in the mix to me. A really great show and worth every minute of the 5 hour drive. See you at the Metro in Chicago.
    I'll mostly echo what KLeigh said. The band was shit hot last night--much tighter than when I saw them at Calgary. Two People in a Room really killed, as well as the cacophonous version of Pink Flag to finish things off. Both my friend and I thought that Graham's vocals were too low, as well. This isn't meant as a slam at Bruce, but Matt brought an energy and speed that they wouldn't have gotten with the original four. Also: was this the first live Map Ref since '79?
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeApr 2nd 2011)
    think the Australian playlist above is missing these from the top, unless I'm misunderstanding, or misjudging (Katy Perry?):

    WIRE In The Art Of Stopping (Independent)
    THE KLF Last Train To Trancentral (Festival)
    M.I.A. Paper Planes (Remote Control)
    DEPECHE MODE Enjoy The Silence (Mushroom)
    THE WHITE STRIPES 7 Nation Army (Remote Control)
    MASSIVE ATTACK Unfinished Sympathy (Virgin)
    JOY DIVISION Love Will Tear Us Apart (Festival)
    THE SPECIALS Ghost Town (Sony)
    OUTKAST Hey Ya (BMG)
    DAVID BOWIE Heroes (EMI)
    THE KINKS You Really Got Me (Fest/Mush)
    KATY PERRY featuring SNOOP DOGG California Gurls (EMI)
    DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 Romantic Rights (Independent)
    THE VELVET UNDERGROUND Venus In Furs (Warner)
    Come on own up, did they really play Map Ref or is this an April Fools gag? (The gig was April 1st right?)
    No joke. Third or fourth song in. Once it dawned on me what it was--and that wasn't until the vocals--I'm sure I had a massively stupid grin on my face.
    Map Ref sightings in both Toronto and Boston. A spectacular set (sorry, didn't take notes as far as set list goes) though Boston was marred by the unfortunate and ugly sound that has become one of the trademarks of the Middle East.

    It was noted somewhere that Bad Worn Thing didn't work out so well live but for me it was one of the highlights of the set. Practice Makes Perfect?

    Briefly chatted with Graham about Toronto vs. Boston. Though he mentioned that Toronto was a little rough due to being the first show after the break - well - bands are always more critical than their audience. Toronto was unreal, as Dr. Medulla pointed out.

    Off to NYC Wednesday to catch them at Bowery Ballroom. Definitely a good tour to catch three shows...
    Of the new material, BWT is the only real disappointment for me, largely because it's classic Wire pop on record. For whatever reason, Graham's vocals don't pull it off live. The music itself sounded fine, but the vocals were really off. But I've thought that about the other boots I've heard with the new material.
    Worthwhile interview in the Boston Phoenix.

    (the Phoenix's website tends to be a slow loader. give it a minute or two.)
    Great show in Brooklyn last night- the band was in fine form effortlessly bashing thru old and new material alike. the venue was
    not sold out, but nearly a full house nonetheless of very enthusiastic (mostly) young fans. 'comet' soared as the opener and set the tone for the rest of the show. of the new material I would have to say that "clay' and 'bwt' sound better on record- agree w
    DrM- the live vocals weren't quite as engaging, but enjoyable all the same. on the other hand "rbt' sounded infinitely better live. I believe it opened w a tape loop and then segued into a noisy feedback drenched version that was unrecognizable from the studio recording. totally rocked out on 'boiling boy' + manic version of 'underwater exp'. real treat to hear 'map ref' as well. brilliant 'drill'. epic 10 minute 'pink flag' to end the set w Colin playing his guitar w an iphone and Matt S creating a tsunami of feedback and distortion.
    Map Ref ! Now there's a thing of beauty, magnificently rendered for the NY audience (nice one lads). Matt's really nailed that Map Ref guitar sound ! So glad this song has come back into the live arena after such a protracted leave of absence... it's been on my wish-list.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeApr 6th 2011)
    I was thinking during "Map Ref" at the Brooklyn show that this is a song only Wire could write--definitive. Was a joy to hear it, even without the vocal arrangement of the studio cut.

    the set list was similar to the one from Zurich posted above, but not "Smash" or "Spent" as I recall. It took a while for the band to warm up, I think ... it may have been entirely down to the sound, which was bad for the first few numbers. Even Robert's drum mix was screwy (what gets done during soundcheck?!), and he seemed a little disoriented at first. I wonder if they had a dedicated sound tech for the last tour of the States, and this time are relying on house personnel? Because I don't remember it being a problem.

    have to agree that some tracks from the new album were great, while some were a little uninvolving. It might be a sign of the "written in 5 minutes or not at all" method. About "BWT," the only new song I really like that I felt didn't come off live, is that it's compositionally very similar to "Please Take," and "Mekon Headman" for that matter; that could obviously be said about a lot of Wire songs, but in this case it's pretty much only the production effects that distinguish them, and those can be hard to duplicate live.

    Matt did a great job. His sound was somewhat less tech-oriented than Colin's, but very detailed nonetheless. With that in mind, I wonder if Wire really needs 2 guitars playing onstage for virtually every number? Not everybody can do the frontman thing, and Colin can, but only put his guitar at rest for one song (the one from Pink Flag that wasn't "Pink Flag").

    as much noise as they can make, I thought "Silk Skin Paws" was very suited to the current band. Maybe more of this kind of sound? And the crowd loved "Drill"--but it was an under-5 minutes version!