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    Thanks for the Jimmy Falllon clip KLeigh88

    Here is the other song from that show...

    Apparently Wire's first US TV appearance since the infamous 'Drill' in that true? I wonder when they were last on UK TV for that matter.
    What kind of WIRE merchandise are at the US gigs?
    CD's put out by Pink Flag (including the reissues of the Harvest albums) and the RBT shirt available in the online shop. I picked up a shirt in no small part because it was only $20, which is a helluva lot less than £20 plus intl shipping.
    Cool, thanks!!
    Also: two tote bags emblazoned with "Wire". An odd merch choice, but kind of interesting anyway. Get your green shopping done in style...
    None other than Michael Stipe bought a WIRE tote bag at the Bowery Ballroom gig....
    Brilliant set at the Bowery Ballroom- a near flawless sound mix- the tone of guitars was extremely crisp and metallic. great rendition of BWT- much better than the Brooklyn gig where you could barely make out the vocals. a highlight of the set followed up with a ferocious rendition of 'moreover'- the 2 best songs from RBT imo.
    Last night at the Metro in Chicago, such energy, great crowd, a set list that could only be described as "greatest hits" - Wire seemed to kill it on all fronts; and I still can't get enough of RBT. Here's to their continued success.
    Not to repeat from the other similar thread, but the Austin show on April 8th was brilliant. The sound work was outstanding and the setlist a good mix from all eras. Two encore sets and an energetic crowd on a day where Austin set a record-high 93 degree temp. My first time getting to see the boys live, hopefully more to come.
    Totally agree with djfake's post about Chicago. I thought the sound was a lot better in Chicago than in Toronto. (Granted first North American gig might've needed some sound tweaking.) From reading the above posts the sound no longer seems an issue at any show. Goodonya boys!

    To my ears Two People and Kidney Bingos we're near perfect last night. No, they WERE perfect. Time slowed down during those songs and every note and word was bliss. All else was near perfect. I could watch that show over and over again. And judging by the response from the crowd most others thought the same. Wire seemed a bit more enthusiastic about the vigorous Chicago response to their performance than the polite thank you seen previously. A great, great night.
    Tons of Youtube clips of the tour out there again, here's a good one from a show I was at, great picture and nice to see a bit better as the Roadhouse is notorious for lack of good vantage points to see the band.
    Ah! That's what they looked like that night! ; )

    Great stuff!
    Wire plays the Coachella festival in California this Saturday at 8:45 local time. You may be able to see streaming video here:
    WIRE 840-930pm Saturday
    who goes to these events, Coachella? the 3 bands I would go to see are all on at approx the same time: Wire, Animal Collective,
    + Big Audio Dynamite. and they only play for about 45 minutes each. if you don't get to see a full set what's the point? am I an old crank?...........and while I'm on it $85 to see B.A.D? I don't want sound like a cheap ass, but c'mon I really think that's a bit overpriced for what they have to offer. clearly there shows aren't selling out, at least not here in the U.S.
    It's sold out. It sold out in a week. I suppose that fans of Kings of Leon and Arcade Fore go to these events.
    WIRE is on KEXP today 3pm PST:
    I agree with all the above statements regarding the Chicago show!! What an incredible evening!! I've seen WIRE every year they've come to the states since 1987. This show showed a renewed energy that I haven't seen before thanks in no small part to guitarist Matt Simms. I felt giddy as a little kid!! Awesome work guys!!