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    Or more alternate mixes even - like the mixes of Ahead and Queen of Ur on the CD bonus tracks - would be pretty good, but demo stuff would obviously be fantastic. Especially if my holy grail (a live in the studio Ambitious with live drums) does exist.
    The alt mixes you mention are just 'remove the drums' though, aren't they? Some of the ’80s rerecordings (Come Back, Ambitious, bits of IBTABA) are more interesting, but I'm not sure I'd want to hear many ore ’80s demos, unless they were live takes. The bootleg stuff just sounds so much better. (That said, should Wire decide for no sane reason whatsoever to enter the studio one day and lay down IC and Bell in their entirety, I certainly would be very happy with that.)
    Well, not quite. The Ahead one is more remove everything apart from one synth line. But yes, less polished 80s stuff would be fantastic - especially Manscape. I do see your point about the bootleg stuff obviating that, though. The Astoria show gets a play about once a week minimum - nothing really wrong with it in any way whatsoever.
    Er...Do give the new LP some attention in the meantime, it really is f**king ace.
    Oh, I will. (I went for the CD option, but didn't want to buy it twice, so I've not heard it yet)
    In case anyone cares ... the EMI singles (including the 154 EP) are all available to download individually here for a mere 89p each:

    Note that this is an mp3-ised version of the 3-CD box set issue of the good old 1994 releases ... minus the box ...

    If you go to individual albums, you'll get the 2006 release versions and therefore no EMI singles ... strange that the old versions are still available in this peculiar packaging format (is 'package' the right phrase to describe an mp3 thingy?).

    Of course, they're only available as rotten old downloads, but if there's anybody here missing a track or two ... you can now grab 'em and make your own Wire Singles CDR.
    what was the status on the Mute stuff?
    In what sense? I think all of the studio albums are still in-print, and they're certainly all available digitally. The singles are OOP, though.