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    Suicide predate Wire by several years.
    I've not personally heard much Suicide, but must say I wasn't too taken with the bits I did hear. Maybe I just heard the wrong bits!?
    Suicide always struck me as falling more from the Velvet Underground tree - New York depravity and decay, but with a crummy drum machine and a few old organs instead of guitar and viola.

    In my mind Soft Cell are more of a direct descendant of Suicide, both in band composition (stoic keyboard-twiddler and melodramatic vocalist) and general direction: sleazy underbelly of the city, though obviously arriving there from two different angles - not to mention two different cities.

    Suicide's first album is worth checking out for most Wire fans, as is 1/2 Alive. Beware any records that involved Ric Ocasek - things then started to turn more towards a creepy version of Naked Eyes (for yet another keyboard duo reference).

    I don't hear much of Suicide impacting Wire, perhaps Dome, but that might be down to the lo-fi engineering and barebones production they both employed early on.
    "Beware any records that involved Ric Ocasek".

    He produced A Way Of Life and Vega's Saturn Strip which I think are truly fabulous albums. Been going through a massive Vega/Suicide phase of late!
    yeah, i would say Suicide is a mutant off-shoot of the VU, plus a heaping dose of Iggy & The Stooges street trash. they were
    probably the originators of what's called techno-punk, whereas Wire were more "art-punk". 1/2 Alive is ok, just a bit repetitive
    for me though. you do get a good feel for Alan Vega's "singing"- screaming-rapping. again very few, if any, bands sounded quite like this in '74-75.

    Suicide is still, albeit infrequently, doing live shows and well worth checking out. they also played the seaport festival in ny a
    year before Wire and i thought they put on a pretty slammin show. i was expecting a couple of creaky old guys going through
    the motions, but they played a rather long set, fluid and loose, and quite entertaining.
    Hmmm... thanks, Keith, it's been a while since I gave A Way Of Life a shot (I went through a period where anything WaxTrax! was a must) so perhaps I missed something the first time around. Will try again, ditto for Saturn Strip - I only ever had a lousy cassette duplicate of it; rather difficult to find when I was looking for it years ago.
    Has anyone else noticed that the song "Bros" by Panda Bear sounds like "Ritual View" (studio version by Dome) I love both songs BTW.
    In 1979, Richard Jobson said that he was mostly listening to the Clash, Joy Division and Wire. Whether you can hear those influences in the Skids 1979 or 1980 albums is another thing, but then that's probably because Stuart Adamson wrote all the tunes. Lyrically, jobson was too obtuse to even begin to analyse his influences.

    Going back to Mr Weller, he was quoted that his favourite LP of 1979 was Skids Days in Europa LP, whether that European sound surfaced on Sound Affects is debatable, but I would like to think they had some influence.
    "Has anyone else noticed that the song "Bros" by Panda Bear sounds like "Ritual View" (studio version by Dome) I love both songs BTW."

    Hmm, had a listen back to back to test your theory. Both are based around a sort of cycling loop and have a similar rhythm, but I don't hear a great deal else in common. 'Bros' reminds me of Harry Nillsons 'Everybody's Talkin' (might even be sampling that I'm not sure)
    I think you are correct on the sample. The reverb on the vocal reminds me of early Dome works as does the sweeping sound effects and the slow thumping base loop.
    Pizzarama Universe by Zom Zoms (on their YELLOW RAINBOW LP) sounds like an early Wire song, albeit with Colin Newman being backed by Devo with the Gang Of Four's Andy Gill guesting on guitar, rather than by Messrs Gilbert, Lewis and Gotobed.
    Apparently Soulwax: