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    So long Captain...
    Oh captain, my captain!
    Don Gone!

    Distant cousins, there's a limited supply,
    Sadly fewer, then rarer,when one of them dies...

    His chosen silence will be missed and lamented.
    Well I put down my brush, 'n took off my pants 'n felt free. The breeze blowin' me up the canyon, far as i could see. R.I.P Don.
    I scream for crow. Will miss Don bigtime!
    The Captain has exited the quarterdeck and we're all the poorer for his disembarking

    You lose your push tush
    When you beat around the bush
    If you act reserved
    I know somebody payin' for your parkin' place

    Speed on dear Captain to a planet where the locals will be your supplicants and the
    beautiful noise of your imagination will dispel the gloom and spark illumination.
    Just try and be nice to your band, pay em' and don't imprison em'!

    Must every musician/artist/whatnot I admire die?!

    I really hope Jan's all right...
    god bless