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    Wire are doing a live session on Marc Riley's 6Music show next Monday (10/01/11), the guests normally do three songs live, and record a bonus one for Gideon Coe's show (which follows at nine, the bonus track isn't normally played until around 11.40pm).

    The show starts at 7pm, and should be available to listen again for seven days afterwards.

    I'm looking forward to it, I'm patiently waiting for my vinyl version of "Red Barked Tree".
    6music is the only Radio station I listen too. Had a few requests read out by Riley & Coe over the last year.
    Magic! Great to hear that Wire are back on the Marc Riley show. The last set was pretty good, so here's hoping the latest one will be too.
    The last time Wire were on Marc Riley's 6 Music show there was a delay in putting the play-again show onto the website... because Graham accidently/on purpose swore live on air.
    It would, of course, be greatly appreciated if someone could record and upload their segment for others. Please and thanks with cherries on top.
    Thoroughly enjoyed Wire's 3-song set on 6Music tonight. They played the mellower songs from Red Barked Tree: Clay, Adapt and Please Take (minus expletive!) And an entertaining conversation with Mr Riley as well. Apparently they're all over 6Music tomorrow (like a rash, according to Colin).
    Alright...'ere it is...

    UK viewers can find it on BBC iPlayer here until 18 Jan (please support Marc Riley and 6Music by visiting the site, after all they are big supporters of Wire)

    and everyone else can find it here on this grubby, ad-infested corner of the interweb here where I have ahem, accidentally left my C90 cassette copy. Quick, while nobody is looking.
    Thanks, chief. I'm in your debt.
    Also, Red Barked Tree was recorded for Gideon Coe's show, it's about 2 hours and 40 minutes in:
    could anyone upload this one as well? be nice to have it all in one place........
    "Push off out of my face". Heh!
    Alright...e're it is....AGAIN

    It's a cracking performance too, rocks out a bit more than the LP version. best of the 4 session tracks IMHO.
    Thank you for posting these.
    Surely there can be no dissension in the ranks: Red Barked Tree is a brilliant album! Fact
    On the Marc Riley show he says RBT is the 12th Studio album and the band agrees.

    On this list there are 13:

    There are 3 in the list you could discount as a proper studio album for different reasons

    1. IBTABA since it is essentially a Live album albeit a heavily processed and augmented one.

    2. I'd argue that The Drill isn't really a proper studio's a sort of strange little curiosity.

    3. The First Letter since it is by Wir, and they were quite adamant at the time that is was not Wire.

    This sort of thing keeps me awake at night!
    It's the 12th studio album because Send Ultimate is a special edition. All the others are counted by Wire as studio albums these days (including The First Letter).
    I would guess that if Wire minus Gilbert still equals Wire, then Wire minus Grey also equals Wire.
    Doh, how did I miss Send was there twice?!

    Still, interesting that The Drill is considered as the 8th Wire Studio album. I've always sort of regarded it as an extended EP/Remix project
    These things change over time. Ultimately, we had to make some decisions when building this site, regarding what items should be included in the various categories. Initially, we separated Wir, but then realised there wasn't really much point (something now further validated by Bruce's departure and the band not calling itself Ire, or whatever). Drill could be an EP, but it's really long and Mute's original catalogue had it down as a 'proper' album. IBTABA could be a live album, but it's no more cleaned in the studio than some other live releases, which have ProTools clean-up magic applied and the odd edit here and there.

    I guess all this is kind of arbitrary, but I'm happy enough with what we've ended up with.