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    There would be no room for that dancer on the stage at Glasgow's King Tut's I know that for sure. Roll on Feb 9!
    i'll try when i have time. dunno, but the longest track is over 6 mins. i sent 'em 1-by-1 previously!
    Perth - The Bakery 25.1.11
    Think of a Mean Fiddler, a large Retford Porterhouse (!) or Manchester Boardwalk sized venue, excellent space, low stage full but not packed plenty of room for movement.

    1. Smash
    2. Advantage In Height
    3. Please Take
    4. Red Barked Tree
    5. Kidney Bingos
    6. Bad Worn Thing
    7. Moreover
    8. Two People In A Room
    9. 106 Beats That
    10. Boiling Boy
    11. Spent
    Encore 1:
    12. Drill
    13. Clay
    14. Underwater Experiences
    Encore 2:
    15. Adapt
    16. Pink Flag

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show, thanks again for coming all this way and thanks for the people who organized the gig.
    Other tings', Colin's guitar colour, Robert drumming aplomb & being so dignified, pretty lights on the effects box, no German Shepherds, thought U.Exp's was Former Airline for a minute!? I was going to shout out for something from 'Chairs' (Nursery) but thought better of it :) Anyway, thanks again & lemsips all round!

    Re-stream of the Perth RTR Radio Stations 'Out To Lunch' Programme - Interview by Sarah Tout with Colin & Graham 25th January 2011 earlier in the day:

    Mona (Hear Interview)

    "In every hall Mhona"...indeed...

    Back to Brisbane after an indulgent time of seeing WIRE 3 times in 5 days! Melbourne & the two MONA performances in Hobart.

    Melbourne : was v good ... the guys sure warmed up towards the end but I must admit, this WIRE fan left that gig a might disappointed. Expectations were very high after the ball tearer of a tour a few years back. Matt looked decidedly uncomfortable on stage. A few fluffs and oh, some knobs in the audience! Gah! I moved around the venue and noticed quite a few punters leaving rather early. I enjoyed the varied set but there was a consistency in overall attack that seemed lacking ... for me anyway.

    MONA opening Friday performance : WOW! Did they get it together or what this night! Any fears I had were very quickly dispelled. Absolutely brilliant performance and they came out of the gates at full speed!! Sound mix was fantastic and set list was a little different from Melb. The opening night crowd loved it! Even Matt seemed to having the time of his life! Smiling and really looking like he was enjoying being on stage this time! The 'RBT' material sounds sooo great live! My overall assessment of this night's performance was that Melbourne got the dress rehearsal - the MONA opening punters got the REAL deal. I left one very happy WIRE fan indeed!.

    MONA Sunday performance : Another brilliant performance! Not quite as on fire as Friday night but superb in all respects! When Colin launched into 'Field Day for the Sundays' , I think the smile on my face stretched it into something very strange! What a surprise. Again the crowd - much smaller compared to the Friday crowd - were really really into it - chanting WIRE WIRE WIRE after the second encore. The band came back on after a while with Colin prefacing - "Who would have thought that in Hobart, Tasmania they'd be chanting for more from us!" - before launching into incendiary versions of 'Lowdown' & '12XU'. Brilliant!

    Thank you WIRE for touring again down here - I reckon by the end of this tour, you guys will be a force to beat! I hope some gigs will be recorded & released as official boots. 'RBT' rocks ... but live, is where it is really shining! I go back to listening to 'RBT' with fresh ears now.

    Some pics from the MONA performances here :
    Field Day For The Sundays ?? !!!

    Roll on the Scala..........................
    Thanks for the link to OTL, 1231742. Listened to most of the show and quite apart from the interview with Colin & Graham, I enjoyed some of the records, too.