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    Ddoes anyone know who the 'special guests' are for said show ???
    considering the number of concert ads that say "plus special guests" these days it sounds to me like a new way to say "support act not confirmed yet", but who knows..
    rick astley
    maybe all the guest stars that the band shunned for the album
    Bring on the special guest....
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 22nd 2011)
    "the Scala" deserves consideration as the title of Wire's next "object"... it might be one of the most oft-used phrases on this board!
    Fergus, go and sit in the naughty corner.
    The support tomorrow are Madensuyu (

    Does anyone know what sort of time Wire will be on, I'm travelling up from the South Coast (Can't make Brighton tonight), and don't want a repeat of my experience at the ICA gig a few years ago, I arrived just in time for the encore....
    cant wait for the scala gig tomoz
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeFeb 1st 2011)
    It's coming fast / It's the Scala ...
    cc says...(CommentTime6 hours ago)

    It's coming fast / It's the Scala ...

    fuk me your up early/late
    Have a good one folks! i was really wanting to go to this one but still too skint for a twenty quid ticket! more than worth it though!
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2011)
    "fuk me your up early/late"

    I'm in the US, so just trying to contribute to the e-Scala-ting exScalitement.
    Ok, so how was it? What did they play? Sorry, i know they've probably not long finished!
    A really great gig. One of the best I've seen form them for a while. By that I mean that I saw the 154 Cochrane Theatre and the Barbican Read and Burn more as shows. They played a great range of songs which often left us wondering which song it would become. Great to hear Drill included in the set again. Be keen to see if anyone wrote down the set list as we were too busy 'dancing' at the front to do anything else.
    How was it ?

    In a word , SUPERB.
    From a very blurred memory they played most of RBT obviously , and RBT was excellent seeing as its my least fave track on CD , but live it comes alive (puntastic !). My highlights were Spent ( i know ,i say that every gig) Comet , Kidney Bingos and PF which they ended on (2nd encore) . Played for 74 minutes to a packed audience. Having seen them the past couple of years at Cargo ,the Garage , the Lexington and last night they just seem to get better each show.

    Still no dugga dugga in Drill though...........
    It was a GREAT gig! It didn't have the intensity of the Garage gig last year, but they sure do kick some ass! Apart from RBT & Clay, as i hoped & suspected, the rest of RBT work well live. Highlights for me were Spent & a corking Underwater Experiences!

    I think next time they play London they MUST play a bigger venue! There were spaces downstairs, but not many!
    BLOODY AWESOME!!!!!!, even better than the tuesday night lexington gig ,last year, <where i lost my wire virginity>. there was a couple of fuknuts behind me,there of course, chatting away in some ambienct pregnant pauses ,i know i`m a c..t, but they need to to shut the fuck up, styless turd brains, now i i know i must be gettin old or something,but that kinda of thing just sucks a big one, i dont go to concerts to listen to some lard face twat,waffle on in the middle of choice music .aaahh all better now.........X
    Blimey, calm down - it's a rock n roll gig, not a classical recital!!!