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    well you say that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i prefer wire to most classical,also i`m a laid bak/conscious/i`m a very pent up freak, which is is one of the reasons i`m listenin to bands like wire.
    btw ,i wish the Ts were a bit cheaper 20 quids a tad steep
    "it's a r'n'r gig, not a classsical recital!!"'s also not a soccer match!!.........if someone wants to get massively drunk, fine.
    if they are loud and obnoxious, not cool. and Wire hardly classify as 'rocknandroll'. I thought we've been discussing the finer points of Wire's Art and Art Performances for the past couple of years!! when I go to a show I didn't pay to hear some drunken lout carry on thru out an entire performance. and while I consider myself to be a well mannered, exceedingly polite person, sometimes you have to get in some moron's face and tell them to SHUT THE FUCK UP !!

    and don't get me started on cell phones in restaurants and public transports!!

    Sorry I missed the beginning of "Smash". We'd been to the smoking are in the interval and got in conversation with Stijn of Madensuyu.
    Thanks for posting.

    Great version of Drill, getting quite abstract at this point, Graham mostly playing with Bass FX and Matt adding a sort of weird 'clanking' drill with the bridge of his guitar.