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    I remember this event being recorded (it was a very odd night filled with PK, The Stretchheads, Wir, Dome, Colin's Wall of Noise mass guitar chord strum)... does anyone know whatever happened to the tapes or if this might ever surface in some form?

    My friend, Martin and I were filmed being handed filing book cards by a nurse (i think) in a gas mask... very strange. (THe card said 'It is beyond my comprehension')
    Yes, I Saw You was actually video-ed. 2 cameras were involved and this was made into a finished mix. Copies were given to each of the 3 Wir members and there was some talk of this being released. But as Wir/Wire were put on hold and funds were limited it remains in the archive.

    Kevin Eden
    Thanks for the info Kevin... Do you know what tracks Wir played that night?

    I want to say that either one or both tracks from the 'vien' release were played but that night was such a blur and I heard the cd for the first time way after.
    From memory the tracks were The First Letter and what later became Janet. That's all they did.
    So both tracks from the 'Vien' release then.

    I wasn't disappointed with the short set either as the whole event itself was rich with 'wireness'! :)
    i was at this and i think they did about 4 tracks.....i've heard a bootleg but never a decent quality recording. i didn't recognise any of the tracks on the night.

    mmmm , a dvd of that would be so good. p
    a dvd would be most welcomed... that dome performance was a cracker!