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    Being one of those quick off the blocks to order a digital version of RBT, I duly received my copy of Strays a couple of weeks ago. Not just one, but two... Some mishap at State 51, I presumed. Oh well - not to worry. I'm sure the spare one (!) will come in handy one day, I thought. But imagine my amusement when ANOTHER ONE arrived this morning! That makes a grand total of THREE (3) Strays received.

    That can't be good can it? Someone somewhere is missing out. Should I have done the decent thing and returned the extra copies to the sender? Or shall I hold onto them, awaiting the day when their value has increased tenfold?

    Free to a good home, if you can be bothered to contact me! I only have one pair of ears...

    PS Boiling Boy, as ever, is great. Planning to burn a compilation of all the various versions. Forty at least?
    Um I haven't received a hard copy yet!
    Margaret - all I can say is: have you ordered RBT yet?!! Just because you played on Strays doesn't mean you get a copy!!
    (Actually, you should check RBT out. It's quite good!)
    Hi Margaret, on which songs did you actually play ? The CD just says "performed by Wire augmented by Matt Sims-guitar and Margaret Fiedler McGinnis-guitar, voice". The voice is in German Shepherds from what i can hear, and the guitar ?
    ps: somebody should really send you a free copy of RBT including Strays if they haven't yet :)
    Mine hasn't arrived in Atlanta yet, anyone else from the US got theirs okay?
    Vocals only on GS. Guitar as played live on other three.
    taoyoyo: my RBT + Strays arrived in Boston last Tuesday.
    Those backing vocals on German Shepherds are very nice too...
    7jlong... thanks for the headsup, hopefully mine will arrive soon.
    I live in Atlanta as well. I got mine this past Saturday. Can they track 'em?
    Misread this post at first as 'Strays Ashtray'. Thought Wire were branching out into producing obscure merchandise! I'll just have to settle for buying a t-shirt in Nottingham next week then. Can't wait!!
    Hi, Des @ greedbag (state51) here

    We are aware of a few orders where customers got duplicates in the post. This was simply a problem with a few address labels getting printed more then once. Most of those who did have been in contact and we have already received them back. Those who wanted to keep them simply re-ordered. Thanks again to those customers.

    Just a reminder that Strays was only (and still is) available to customers who purchased the CD & vinyl via the bands store. It was also sent out to anyone who pre-ordered the download album prior to its December release.