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    It's just the stuff on Wireviews, which was Andrew W and myself compiling stuff over years, with input from all and sundry. Bruce never had any interest in the digital stuff, so he's never commented (it was hard enough getting anything out of him for the site, although he did in the end write me a letter that I used for his 'favourite' Wire things).

    The only 'rubber stamped' stuff is what's on this site and the Githead website, along with Colin's Voice lyrics on Wireviews.
    On the matter of older songs: It seems that the surprises have been at an increase of late, what with "Underwater Experiences" emerging a few years ago and now "German Shepherds", which regardless of how you feel about the current version is a bit of a pleasant shock.

    I wouldn't be too surprised (although quite delighted) by a second revival of "Madman's Honey" at this point. "A Question Of Degree" would make quite a bit of sense, as would "The Queen of Ur and the King of Um" and "Still Shows", although the latter two especially seem somewhat unlikely. And, once more, "Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW" is always nice...
    Madman's Honey: on if it has the snares. Queen or Ur: Colin did at least agree that the boot version was a decent track, hence it becoming the freebie 1980s MP3 on the site.
    'Madman's Honey' could possibly *the* Wire track I would love to see/hear (I might well have my eyes shut for that one) played live...

    My first Wire gig was at The Astoria in '88 so I just missed the mainly-Ideal Copy-era setlists.

    Reckon it would compliment the RBT-type tracks in this tour perfectly as it's both hypnotic and sublime.
    "Another issue may be that there's a chance 'fans' may be far more familiar with much of the older material in present day than the artists themselves. I still regularly play 20-30 year old Wire material, but I wouldn't be surprised if the members of Wire didn't."

    Much as I'd like to imagine my favourite artists playing air guitar to their 30-years-old albums in the privacy of their bedrooms, I think this is true!
    Nice put down from Colin in Glasgow last night to the plum who kept shouting for Our Swimmer between every song: "Just because you keep shouting it doesn't mean we're going to play it."

    Having seen them six times now, I still find it a little disheartening when people clearly don't get it. I mean, for crying out loud, do we really need to hear Lowdown again? The best requests are always the most unlikely - I was at the Wir show at the Mean Fiddler 20 years ago (shudder) and some completely pissed chap at the front continually shouted for ZEGK HOQP.
    In the 80's and 90's there was always at least one person who would repeatedly shout out for '12xu' at every gig I went to... we used to shout out for 'Eels Sang Lino' as it was just as likely in that era!
    I almost get the impression that at this point it's an inside joke between fans and the band to shout out requests. As someone has said in the last couple months, Wire aren't likely to attract many casual fans to their shows, so those who do go must know that requests ain't gonna be rewarded.
    Before playing Please Take in Dublin, Graham reminded us that Wire don't play requests, but he wanted to dedicate this one to the IMF !
    I jokingly shouted for 'Life in the Manscape' when they came to Atlanta a couple of years back, Colin sniggered and said 'No f***ing chance!' so I'd say it's definitely an inside joke now between Wire and the die-hards.

    Not so sure if it was the same back then though... got some bootlegs from the 'Manscape'-era and there's some right angry folk, demanding the 70's stuff and abusing what they were playing. As Graham said once, 'Some people have such short memories'.
    Oh dear. Note to self: the more obscure the request, the more likely it is to be a forum member.

    If anyone hears a shout for Pieta in the US, you know who to blame. Ha!
    At the (sold out) Manchester gig last Friday, somebody shouted for Patterns Of Behaviour, and the look on Lewis's face was one I interpreted as 'now there's an interesting request'.

    Far be it from me to guess what he was really thinking, but the look was far from disdain.

    (I've heard from a disappointed ticketless friend in the area that Bristol is also sold out tonight)
    Play "Mary is a Dyke"!
    We heard that too, Ian!
    ah , great gig in bristol last night. best of the 3 i saw , great reaction from a rammed crowd and the set sounded better and tighter than ever. RBT (the song) was particularly good , sounds fully realised now. great ending of a big feedback storm which either blew the fuses or got the venue to pull the plugs , roadies coming on with torches to clear up afterwards :-)

    at the end colin was playing his guitar with an iphone , using what must have been some sort of sampling app. any idea what that app was , looked fun......
    "At the (sold out) Manchester gig last Friday, somebody shouted for Patterns Of Behaviour, and the look on Lewis's face was one I interpreted as 'now there's an interesting request'."

    That was me. My absoulte favourite Manscape track, I would love to hear it live, even in some kind of poorly-rehearsed noise jam from completley divergent from the album version! I know its never going to happen, and yes its a nerdy fan in-joke, but still. Enlivens the gig for me.

    I was close enough to see the Iphone's screen, it wasn't voicejam, it was some kind of synth (as in keyboard with a module bit on top) app, a mate of mine has it but can't for the life of me remember what its called.