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    This was the first time I saw Wire and I can still remember it quite well. Sadly, I don't think my wife (who isn't a fan) was quite as impressed as I was, but I still dragged her along to a couple of other shows (The Garage, Highbury Corner, and Edinburgh) later on.

    For years, I've wondered if anyone knows which songs Graham played in his solo set in the first part of the RFH show. One of them in particular impressed me, but I didn't know what it was then and still don't. I love 'Tongue Ties' and slightly hope it was that, but can anyone enlighten me please?

    Thanks for any help.
    I wasn't there, but a number of cuts from that show are available on It's All In The Brochure - check under "Shop" up at the top of the page there...
    I seem to have forgotten who was in Graham's band, can anybody enlighten me? His set was, for me, the best of the support turns.
    @7jlong: Sadly, Brochure only contains t.i.t.l.e. which is a nasty, distorted version of what was played that night. The rest of the set appears to have vanished into the ether, although there must be soundboard recordings somewhere. (I have a couple of bootleg tracks lurking in iTunes, but the sound quality isn't great, so I assume they are audience recordings.) I'm also pretty certain the tracks from RFH never got a commercial release, which is a pity.
    I clearly remember watching Colin and his wife Malka play the Immersion set which I loved. Before I got my train back to Manchester the next day I went to Tower Records and bought 'Low Impact' and a bunch of 80s Wire stuff as prior to the RFH I only had the Harvest LPs.

    To my shame, I seem to recall retiring to the RFH bar after the first song of Graham's set. I definitely recall he came on stage with just a laptop and maybe one other person? Hey it was ten years ago!
    Susan Stenger on bass and Andreas Karperyd on laptop, from what I remember.

    One song was called 'Minging', whiich raised a chuckle from the crowd when the title flashed up on the screen.

    Good stuff too - there is a good audience recording in existence.
    I've got 'It's All In The Brochure' (in fact I think I've got pretty much everything officially released) but thanks for the thought, and thanks for the other replies too. I thought Graham had a guitar on the go and I remember the lady on bass, but as you say, it's a long time back.

    I also recall the two chaps playing samples of Wire and other things after Graham's set, during which one audience member shouted 'Bring on Michael Clark, you self-indulgent w*nkers.' At the time, I must admit to finding some of the samples quite, er, challenging, and I think I probably agreed with him!

    Thanks again.
    I must admit that I found much of the build up to Wire's performance that night a bit too pretentious, and though I like much of He Said thought their performance was patchy.

    Who was playing when the dot was on the screen? (Was it the DJ X DJ?) My mates had nipped out for a fag and I was battling to stay awake - I think I was being hypnotised!

    I remember nipping to the loo and hearing the words 'self-indulgent' bandied around quite readily!
    Was the "Minging" (or Minging "O" as I recall it) actually played? I seem to recall a film featuring a choreographed naked swimmer scored with that particular track. But as has been said, its a few years ago now (but really doesn't seem so) so I could be mistaken, and Bursa's recall is usually pretty reliable.
    I recall rather enjoying the opening acts that night, bar DJxDJ, which was so dull that I took a break before Wire proper. I thought the He Said stuff was great, but not for the performance itself—I just wanted to hear recorded versions of those songs.