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    Has there been any official response on what will be done with this issue?
    I received a replacement copy about 3 days ago. Haven't put it on yet though.
    Any news on this.....anybody?
    Sadly I've tried three copies and all have annoying pressing flaws.

    A shame, really, as this is a fantastic record and I'd much prefer to listen to it on vinyl. In the end, I usually end up listening to my FLAC version.
    If anyone from Greedbag/PinkFlag is still checking on this thread I'd be interested to hear about whether the copies on hand now are free of the problems previously described.

    I, for one, would be happy to buy yet another copy (this time direct from you) if I can be assured that this batch is better. RBT is my favourite record of 2011 and I would much prefer to listen to the vinyl than the FLAC.

    For what it's worth, all of my copies had a bad ripping noise on the first few (outer tracks) of each side, suggesting a non-fill issue and most definitely a pressing defect.