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    Wire on good form last night – they opened with Smash and though I felt that was a little under-cooked they then hit their stride straight afterwards with Advantage In Height. The highlight for me was the Moreover/ Two People In A Room double header – they were truly fab versions of both.

    Boiling Boy started a little shakily I thought but then got better and better as it went on and I was a bit gutted when they ended it as there seemed a lot more mileage in the relatively laidback groove they had going. RBT was another that just got better, too, but then I think that is true of the track itself. I really like the way this Un-Wire number develops, becoming more intense as it goes. Spent was a great way to end the set (which flashed by waaay too quickly!) – Matt really seemed to enjoy playing this one. I loved the way they held back before eventually launching back into the riff at the end.

    They came back on for a fairly subdued, but really interesting Drill. I think Clay followed which seemed an odd choice to follow at this juncture, but Underwater Experiences was pretty on the nose. We also got a 2nd encore – when Robert hit those sticks I thought we were gonna get Lowdown, but we got Adapt, which again seemed an odd, low-key choice for an encore, but it was a good version all the same, before a really good take on Pink Flag ended the show.

    It was also good to see Messrs Bursa & Swimmer and to have a chat with Graham outside the pub later on.
    A top evening!

    Setlist was something like...
    Advantage In Height
    Please Take
    Red Barked Tree
    Kidney Bingoes
    Bad Worn Thing
    Two People In A Room
    106 Beats That
    Boiling Boy
    Underwater Experiences
    2nd encore:
    Pink Flag
    It was a great show and great to see it rammed to the rafters, you couldn't move for former members of The Fall and Crispy Ambulance.
    A shame it was at the Roadhouse which has a very low stage and consequently terrible sight-lines. It's the sort of venue that is fine when half full, but with a sell out crowd you can't really see unless you're in the front few rows. At 6ft 1in I only had fleeting glimpses of the band. Fortunately the sound was excellent and I was struck by how much more intense the show was than the Lexington gig last year which felt like a rehearsal in comparison. If I could have combined the view I had of the band at the Lexington with the performance they gave last night it would have been the perfect show.

    On a separate thread I've complained about the constant presence of Boiling Boy in Wire sets over the past 10 years but this version was really quite something so I take it all back. We got a great Drill, I noted it's changed quite a bit from the version they were playing last year like the fact that it's still an open ended thing and still has a lot of improvisation in it...will be interesting to see what shape it's in by the end of the tour.

    Great to meet up with y'all and on returning to the splendid Castle pub found ourselves amid the ever enigmatic Mr Lewis and Guy Fixsen the Wire sound man and a tremendously nice fellow (and one of the 16 people to have attempted to engineer My Bloody Valentine's Loveless LP) who were kind enough to chat with us for a while.
    Yep, very impressive set. Very much liking the new icily detached version of Drill. Same dilemma concerning vantage points as mentioned above though. Up front is not the best for sound, but it was like a basketball team outing up there, so it became necessary to position myself up there in order to see the performance as well as hear it.

    I think Matt really adds value

    Madensuyu are also well worth catching for those going to the upcoming dates. A hell of a noise for a two-piece.

    Nice day out too. Curry in Rusholme, pint at the Cornerhouse bar, and an event-free train back to Leeds.

    Caught sight of a few people who may be people on this forum, but not certain enough to interject.
    I know this was a while ago, so sorry for semi-resurrecting a dead topic, but I've been without a woeking computer for the last couple of months.

    I was at this gig, and thought it was fantastic. Ian B, I'm afraid that basketball team convention at the front was me & my mates - 4 of us, not one under 6 foot. As has been said, The Roadhouse works much better as a club than as a gig venue, and sight lines are terrible. Hence pottering at the front.

    All round very nice.