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    Has there been any word what this entails/ed? A shelved live album or re-recording project? My guess is that Want To Ex You and Third Millennium Girl, the two free samples, were part of a re-recording of the Pink Flag album (a la Gang of Four's Return the Gift release).
    There was a 7" single of 2 new versions of 12XU in 2001. I recall around the same time Colin Newman did a broadcast on some internet radio show where he also previewed a similar re-working of Lowdown, and perhaps most interesting of all a version of Crazy About Love (the controversial..very long, Dome-esque track that was the only track Wire's last ever Peel Session). This was given a more coherent song structure and a newly recorded lead vocal by Colin rather than Graham Lewis. It was very good.

    So rather than being excerpts from a proposed re-recording of Pink Flag (perish the thought) I think these were sort of experiments and prototypes for what became the Read & Burn series, where Wire constructed new songs from sampled elements of live performances & new studio material (same principle of course as the IBTABA album)
    An update on the IBTABA concept seems very plausible. A "Crazy About Love" reworking, in particular, would be fascinating to hear. Still, for my own curiosity, I'd love to hear the official word as to what RSF was supposed to be.
    Well basically the answer is "none of the above"... Tim is correct re-the various 2000 Garage appearance "mixes & remixes" but "re-cycling" is something different. Just prior to the Feb 2000 RFH show there was a warm up gig in Nottingham which was rather badly recorded on 8 track. I thought it might be interesting to do something more than a straight, lo-fi bash out to stereo with the material so I "improved" the recordings (hence the "re-cycle" tag) pretty much using the same kind of techniques used on "Scottish" & "Roxy" to basically bring out a somewhat idealised version of that set (which was remarkable in that it was the first Wire set to bring together 70's & 80 material). So basically it's a full album which is somewhat sonically superior to the "Brochure" RFH recordings. It'll definitely come out at some point although it's not a priority right now especially as we recorded all the shows from Leuven to Manchester in the latest run and BTW will have "pro" video from both Diksmuide & Manchester.


    Fabulous stuff Colin - a pro released video from Diksmuide & Manchester will be very well received I'm sure - especially by those poor buggers (including me) that couldn't get there. I really can't wait to hear a 2008 performance of The 15th - like many others I'm sure.

    I know it's very early days Colin, but is there any chance of a live CD from these concerts sometime?
    Thanks for the straight poop, Mr. N. References to any new Wire releases always makes my day.
    From what Colin has said, would that make Re-Cycling Sherwood Forest the Ideal Copy of those gigs? (See what I've done there!) Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    I did wonder if I'd missed something when I'd downloaded "Third Millennium Girl" and "Re-Cycling Sherwood Forest" came up the title.
    "much using the same kind of techniques used on "Scottish" & "Roxy" to basically bring out a somewhat idealised version of that set"

    This is quite interesting, and I am wondering in what way Roxy has been "improved", as I was totally amazed with the sound of that CD, especially consider the setting. I imagine good initial engineering played a part in this, but it still baffles me how clear and live-like the sound is on this. It could have been recorded yesterday!

    The Scottish Play does sound a bit more reconstructed, particularly when all ambient noise drops in place of directly recorded guitars, but I think its still a good job, and beats the album for me (although this may due to the nature of the live performances, rather than what sounds very cut and paste)

    Does anyone know if the new album will be constructed in such a manner, of if it returns to a more organic method?
    Based on colin's website... ... it seems that Re-Cycling Sherwood Forest was a 2005 project. Maybe it was done in response to the uncertainty of Wire's future at that point? It's really hard to say. Hopefully it'll get released at some point soon because based on Colin's feedback it sounds quite interesting.
    I've gotta ask... is there any update on this project?