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    Does anybody actually have this? Is it ever going to be made available in any form?
    I have a copy that Colin fired over ages ago. I suspect it might be an abandoned project, but some of what's there is pretty interesting. Personally, I'd chuck it out as part of the bootlegs series, since it's essentially a seriously cleaned up soundboard.
    If it's all done, then, and no current plans, it's another potential free downloadable gift to Wire fans!
    I don't know if it's complete. What Colin sent me was referred to as a "first draft".
    What's it made up of?
    Tracks Wire were playing in early 2000.
    As far as I know the tracks were based on live recordings and rehearsals from around that time and then given the IBTABA treatment in Swim Studios. If I'm not mistaken, this project laid the groundwork for the way 'Send' was assembled (and may well have been using some of the same source material?). Want To Ex-You on the download page (also on Send Ultimate) is from this..and I think 3rd Millennium Girl?

    Around the same time there was also a version of 'Crazy About Love' which was more of a song, much shorter and less freeform with more of a steady rhythm to it. Colin played it during an interview on an internet radio show I heard, I think this was around 2000-2001. Not sure if that was mooted for 'Sherwood Forest'.
    It's a studio-altered version of Wire's gig at Nottingham in 2000 (hence the title).

    It may be part of the bootleg series, thpough I'd personally rather use the un-recycled version of the same gig. Colin may have other plans for RSF.

    The Crazy About Love version is actualy based on the Jeanetta Cochrane gig from 79, bolted on to a more recent Rob rhythm track (origin uncertain). Similar vintage but not part of the same project - I think it was a bit of ProTools R&D n the road to Send.

    The radio show was on TotallyRadio, and it is still archived - you have to register. And it seems you have to pay £5.

    Well worth doing as it also contains Colin's unreleased track "Cut the Slack", in many ways the prototype for Y2K Wire. I have the relevant bits somewhere - I remember recording them on Total recorder, off a dial-up 56k connection!
    "It may be part of the bootleg series, thpough I'd personally rather use the un-recycled version of the same gig. Colin may have other plans for RSF."

    I don't know Mark but I think it would be interesting to get both forms in both a sad completest kind of way and also in a compare and contrast kind of way.
    Bumping this old thread up.....Mark's link is now defunct but there is a new link to the show where you can hear the Colin solo track - "Cut the Slack" - the remix of the live "Crazy About Love" as well as a live version of "Lowdown" from the 2000 Garage gig - all unreleased.....
    "Crazy Albert Love"

    There's a Wire track I've not heard before!
    Recycling Sherwood Forest is one of my favourite live Wire records. Does anybody know if this is the full set or was the set edited?
    Will there be any more from the Legal Bootleg series?
    I would like the Marc Riley sessions released, especially 23 Years Too Late.