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    Last month The Wire mag reported that Mute are to be releasing a series of CAN Live CD's. Long overdue and mouthwatering! Holger Czukay has just let slip that one other item will be a CD of previously unreleased soundtracks called 'Cinema of Curriosities'.
    I'd better start saving up!
    And there are 52 hours of studio material, according to Irmin Schmidt, that will be available to download from the band ...
    Hell's teeth! I knew Can had tons of stuff still unreleased and I bet 52 hours is only tip of the iceberg. I'll need deep pockets this year
    Dunno if it's same on all tour dates so far, but at Brighton, Wire came on after Halleluhwah/Aumgn had played over P.A
    52 hours ? i'll need to take an extra holiday to find the time to listen to it..
    On 14th May at The Roundhouse Irmin Schmidt and Jono Podmore will play The Sound Of Can–CAN ARCHIVES SPECIAL, previewing newly discovered music set for release in September.
    The whole point about Can, for me at least, was the editing bit - Czukay's editing of jams and songs was what made them so ahead of their times. Any live performance I heard lacked this precision and made them sound more 70's and less futuristic. Though I can't say this is not exciting, I suspect that most of those 52 hours will be quite boring - there usually are very good reasons why a band doesn't release stuff, unless they have to do with some legal shit, like in Faust's V from 1975, still not released in its entirety.
    'The whole point about Can, for me at least, was the editing bit - Czukay's editing of jams and songs was what made them so ahead of their times.'

    Wow ... I must say that, in all my years of listening to Can, I've never been able to identify or pick up on a particular edit within a track ... and not having heard the unedited items that lie within the vaults, I have no idea of what was removed and whether it was good/bad/etc. I've only ever taken the released piece as what it is ... can you point out any particular edits that you find especially innovative?

    "Any live performance I heard lacked this precision"

    This is going to be inevitable, by the very nature of the performance ... but whereas some of the live material could meander a little, I've found much of it to be exciting and absorbing in its own right.

    I'm looking forward to all the goodies, I just hope that the cost won't keep me out of the Can club!
    Mute have announced full details of the special edition release to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Can's Tago Mago. The new version of the album will be released on November 14th, and features the original artwork plus a bonus CD of live recordings from 1972. There are also more details of the forthcoming Can box set releases. The Mute press communique says "All 14 of Can’s studio albums have been newly cut to vinyl from the remastered tapes for release as a vinyl deluxe box set in early 2012. This will include CDs of all the albums, extensive booklets, an exclusive never released live album (vinyl only) and a newly remastered 'Out Of Reach' previously unavailable! The vinyl deluxe box set will be available for pre-order at the beginning of October 2011."

    And that is not all! The long awaited box set, The Lost Tapes, will be released in March 2012. Curated by Irmin Schmidt and Daniel Miller, and edited and compiled by Jono Podmore, this will include unreleased studio, soundtrack and live material.
    The Lost Tapes finally out in June. Details and track list here:

    With this and the T.Rex - Electric Warrior deluxe box set out next month all we need now is some Wire related archive material to brighten our days too!
    That looks intriguing and how nice in this era when nearly everything seems to be leaked online or made freely available to have some secrets from Can still to reveal.

    On a similar tack, there is clearly something coming from Wire this year based around D&E. I suspect we all have our theories as to what it may comprise but it's great fun that nobody outside the band really knows for sure (and aren't telling if they do)
    My Can Lost Tapes has arrived. Great packaging and that's my weekend listening sorted out.
    @Kevin or indeed anyone else who has got their box set. Is yours numbered? Mine isn't but according to the blurb on Rough Trade and Piccadilly Records it's supposed to be a numbered limited edition.
    I got mine from Fopp, so I'm wondering if the numbered edition is an Independent Shops exclusive.
    It is a limited edition but thats the first I heard about numbered
    Thanks Kevin. Not just me then.

    By the way, It's brilliant.
    Box Sets tend to either have loads of tracks you've already got, or lots of filler or badly recorded demo's and live tracks.

    This one is full of stuff I certainly haven't heard before (and surely even the most dedicated Can bootleg fiend hasn't either?), all in pristine sound quality and beautifully curated, edited and presented by Irmin Schmidt. And so it should be, as this is the best pick of some 50 hours of tape and as far as Can are concerned, that's yer lot. It's effectively three really great new Can LPs. Get it!. Very reasonable £30 for the box or you can get the mp3s for half that price.
    The set is excellent but I'm going to put the spanner in the works.

    Out of the 3 CD's at least one CD was live material. Can, like Wire, were 2 beasts; the studio one and the live one. They were different entities in the same body. So mixing live and studio material for a band such as Can doesn't quite do it for me.
    I would have preferred The Lost Tapes (a misrepresentation if ever there was one!) to have been totally studio.
    Can must have hours of live material worthy of release so why not a double CD of some of the best bits or even make them avaialble as downlaods from their Spoon site.
    Anyway, I am not really griping, am thankful that the stuff was salvaged and much care and attention was made to get it looking and sounding amazing.